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Kajiura Radio Show – Episode 3


The third episode of Yuki Kajiura’s Fiction radio show is now up on the JVC Site for streaming!
The songs featured in this episode are March and heigen, both new songs!.
(You can also click here to start the stream directly)

The songs played this week:

  • forest
  • I reach for the sun
  • L.A.
  • Sweet song
  • March
  • everytime you kissed me
  • heigen

Pre-order Fiction II:
For more information on the show, see our earlier post.

6 responses

  1. Kerahna says:

    omg! I’m stuck at school right now XD I cant wait to go home and listen *_* especially heigen
    next week they must play EGO!

  2. george1234 says:

    I agree on that !

  3. Special_K says:

    OMG!!! Heigen is absolutely beautiful! And possibly for the first time, male vocals!

  4. nohara19 says:

    actually, mikihiko kawase is a man, he sings in tears fall of my heart, and also seki tomokazu sings Shoot! in the Yzak’s character song from the anime gundam seed

  5. george1234 says:

    And if you add the Syaoran goy (Miyu Irino?), who sung together with Yui Makino an alternate version of Yume no tsubasa (Yui’s alone version is different) they become 4. (Tsubasa Chronicle Drama & Chara Song Album “Oukyuu no Machine” Chapter.3 ~Ienai Serifu~ : Track 5 (Duet Version) Yui Makino and Miyu Irino)

    However like I said in the forum the male voice is not from a hired vocalist but voice samples most possibly.

  6. Special_K says:

    Well, hired, samples or whatever, it certainly was used to great effect! Such a beautiful piece!!

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