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Yuki Kajiura has updated the look of her website !!

It has both pc and mobile version, and some new content as well (filters on discography, some new things on “profile” etc.). She has also made a blogpost taking about the update! The new fanclub, FictionJunction Station, will  open soon and thus its website is down for maintenance

[Update Oct 1]
The FictionJunction Station website has opened! In the logo, the carousel of FJC has been replaced with a train station, and one of the locomotives has and “F” in front. There are also links to Yuki’s site’s and blog, “FictionJunction Board” which lists vocalists and musicians profiles for the past vol#14 and possibly more in the future. The members area includes buttons for “My page”, “Ticket” and “FJ Column” and there are also Login and sign up buttons on top right.

FictionJunction YUUKA and Yuki Kajiura to appear in Flying Dog’s 10th anniversary!!

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Two days ago, was announced that FictionJunction YUUKA and Yuki Kajiura will appear in recod label’s Flying Dog 10th Anniversary LIVE – Dog Festival! – ! This will be the first FJY appearance since YK vol#11! The label has also invited Arai Akino, ALI PROJECT, Maaya Sakamoto, Megumi Nakajima, Nano, Chiaki Ishikawa, AKINO wih bless4, May’n, Walkure and Yoko Kanno. The live will take place in February 2, 2019 at Musashino no Mori General Sports Plaza Main Arena.

Event Title: Flying Dog 10th Anniversary LIVE – Dog Festival! –
Date: February 2, 2019

Doors open, show starts: 14: 30 / 16: 00
Venue: Musashino no Mori General Sports Plaza Main Arena
vol 1: Arai Akino, ALI PROJECT, Maaya Sakamoto
vol 2: Kajiura Yuki / Fiction Junction YUUKA, Megumi Nakajima, nano
vol 3: AKINO with bless4, Chiaki Ishikawa, May’n
vol 4: Walkure, Yoko Kanno

Tickets: Preordering starts on September 29
Official site:

thanks to elcazador for the news!

Kalafina All Time Best 2008-2018 & SAO Alicization 2nd PV!


Sacra has announced the release on a compilation album titled “Kalafina All Time Best 2008-2018“. Like the title hints, the release will have all A-sides / songs used in anime/game since the groups debut till their 10th anniversary, on 3 CDs, and progressive will be there too. The songs will be in some way remastered. The Limited Edition also comes with 3 additional CDs containing the Audio recording of the Kalafina 10th Anniversary LIVE 2018 at Nippon Budokan that was previously released on BD/DVD.

Limited Edition
・6 CDs
・36 remastered songs starting from Kalafina’s debut single
・「Kalafina 10th Anniversary LIVE 2018 at Nippon Budokan」Live CD
・History Photo Book
・Price: 10,800 Yen

Regular Edition
・3 CDs
・36 remastered songs starting from Kalafina’s debut single
・Price: 5,400 Yen

Poster Tokuten
Those who purschase their CD in one of the following supporting shops will receive a special poster present (the design of the poster will be revealed at a later date)

Kalafina All Time Best 2008-2018
LE: VVCL-1332~1337, RE: VVCL-1338~1340
October 24, 2018
36 (on 3 CDs) + 34 Tracks (on 3 CDs -LE only-)

In other news,  the SAO website  has updated with a new Alicization PV! During it you can listen to samples of a new Yuki Kajiura bgmOP theme song “Adamas,” by LiSA,  and ED theme song “Iris.” by Eir Aoi. By the way according to the staff list, director Tomohiko Ito (SAO till Ordinal Scale, Bokumachi) has been replaced by Manabu Ono (Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere, Saki, The Asterisk War) so its interesting if this will reflect on the music. According to the news, the new season will be 4-cour (48 eps).

Finally you can head to our Future Works/Events for updated musicians and vocalists info of the Composers Summit Concert 2018 where Yuki Kajiura will perform.

thanks to ritardando, Kowz, Nightmare, and tsubasa for the news!

Yuki Kajiura provides music for Magia Record game first anniversary CM


Today, Yuki Kajiura announced (1, 2, 3) that she provided music for the Magia Record game first anniversary CM.

In this CM, Russian Olympics athlete Alina Zagitova cosplays in Madoka outfit and dances, as in the “Rebellion” movie intro. The bgm is a rearrangement of Sagitta Luminis.

You can see pictures on the game’s website. Video with all 3 version of the CM and a short interview of Zagitova can be found below:

Happy Birthday and Happy 25th anniversary, Yuki Kajiura!!


This time of the year (August 6) has come again 🙂 And, for this year, to celebrate both Yuki Kajiura’s Birthday and 25th anniversary we run yearly polls to vote for the best tracks of every year since 1993. Many thanks to everyone who voted and submitted content for the project!

Download Link


Polls Creation
george1234, Barbi-Hoseki


Terry Tsurugi
Caterpiendante (むしむし)


Nick Hunter
Terry Tsurugi

Coverart: Juchanx3
Organisation & Compling: george1234

Special Thanks to Yuki Kajiura and everyone who voted!!