Kajiura Radio Show – now accepting fanmail

March 3rd, 2011

Yuki Kajiura – Fiction II
VTCL-60245 | March 30, 2011
14 Tracks
Pre-order: CDJapanPlay-AsiaYesAsiaAmazon.co.jp

For the release of Fiction II, Yuki Kajiura will be hosting a 20-minute radio show every Friday at 1:30am throughout the month of March, on FM NACK5. The broadcast will be available to stream online after each show. They are now accepting fanmail at fiction@nack5.co.jp. Fans whose letters are read on air will receive a NACK5 timetable autographed by Yuki Kajiura! Name and mailing address must be included with the mail.

Please note that this offer may only ship within Japan (we aren’t sure).
But you know what ships outside japan now? Delicious FictionJunction and Kalafina merchandise!

Thanks to yuki.n for the news translation!

2 Responses to “Kajiura Radio Show – now accepting fanmail”

  1. ara Says:

    Are you referring to this: http://www.nack5.co.jp/timetable/program792.shtml

    It’s the only thing I’ve found on their site mentioning her.

  2. Kerahna Says:

    This one: http://www.jvcmusic.co.jp/-/Information/A016061.html

    放送局 : FM NACK 5
    番組名 : 梶浦由記「FICTION 」
    放送時間: 毎週金曜日 深夜1時30分~1時50分 (※1ヶ月限定)

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