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  1. george1234 says:

    DISCOGRAPHY: Entry for the tracklist for See-Saw’s upcoming single Sarigiwa no romantikusu 「去り際のロマンティクス」

  2. george1234 says:

    NEWS: See-Saw “Sarigiwa no romantikusu”: MV short ver with the song is out

  3. george1234 says:

    NEWS: KEIKO “Yuuyami no Uta” MV & EP 1 of GARO with Kajiura-composed OP are out

  4. george1234 says:

    NEWS: FSN Heaven’s Feel standalone OST & UBW / HF concert for game’s 20th anniversary, announced!

  5. hn says:

    Looks like we’re finally getting an official release of Shinkai no Kodoku ~ ReTracks

  6. george1234 says:

    Thanks! The Disc does miss “Shoot!” but maybey they didnt make a re-tracks ver. Back then Honoo no Tobira re-tracks wasnt released either.

  7. george1234 says:

    NEWS: “KajiFest” Day 1 & 2 BD Box and separate BDs announced!

  8. Sudrien says:

    Server hosting the website was rebuilt over the weekend, nothing lost.

  9. snivy says:

    I found this site when searching for songlist of past live performance. And I found a mistake on vol. #18 in Shanghai last year. I went to that live. 20th song (second encore song) was not . List of first day in Hongkong (Nov. 10), also 20th song, I heard that it was too. but I wasn’t there that day so maybe somebody can check this.

  10. snivy says:

    oh I think I used some quotation mark so some words were missing.
    the song i mentioned was 20th song (second encore song) in Shanghai. it should be Parallel Hearts, not Enternal Blue.
    Nov.10 in Hong Kong, 20th song as well, was Parallel Hearts.
    sorry for any misunderstanding may caused by my last reply.

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