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  1. Sudrien Sudrien Says:

    Guestbook test

  2. Sudrien Sudrien Says:

    The previous shoutbox updated itself to broken status. Our new Guestbook page will now serve the same function.

  3. george1234 Says:

    How is it an update if it breaks it ? lol I think i prefer the previous system as you didnt have to leave the main page to write. Anyway thanks for the fix 🙂

  4. Sudrien Sudrien Says:

    Working on same-page posting. It works, at least.

  5. yuki.n Says:

    Yep, same-page posting works. Thanks Sud!

  6. Flame_the_Warrior_of_Light Says:

    so even if Yuki had to cancel her concert in Hollywood, she is still planning on coming on some later date?

  7. george1234 Says:

    She did say something on her blog: “Again, I offer my deepest apologies, and am praying to see all of you smiling at a future show date.”

  8. Vyse Legendaire Says:

    Nice update guyz ;0

  9. george1234 Says:

    @Sudrien. Can you put a limit to how much of the column this add-on takes ? The calendar and recent posts seem totally buried.

  10. Thorn-Mage Says:

    Time (:30 Hollywood Time–Great meeting you, S + S from Denver! Hope you’ll drop in here and say hello! Fear not–Kajiura-sensei will play the US someday: we believe!

  11. Thorn-Mage Says:

    If anyone else made the trek to the Dolby tonight, sorry I missed you! Even under circs like these, it’s good to meet other fans! (9:38 Hollywood time)

  12. george1234 Says:

    New poll 🙂

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