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  1. HIS MASK says:

    Here’s the YT link to the preview: around from 1:19 you can hear the Kajiuran

  2. chrisgarci says:

    Been a while. Just an FYI that all Gundam SEED/Destiny songs composed by Yuki Kajiura are now found in Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube Music since start of February. You just have to search their names in Kanji though.

  3. Trunqs says:

    Wakana and Kaori’s new albuns are also in spotify

  4. aleeeyra says:

    Just wanna know whether they sell the DVD for Yuki Kajiura last live with Chiaki ishikawa? I really really really waited for a long time for them to collaborate again (was it in 2018?) and it seems like forever since I waited for the DVD T_T

  5. george1234 says:

    Not only they dont sell it, but they haven’t made any DVD in the first place, yet 🙁

  6. Sudrien says:

    Had a ~12 hour outage because of ISP scheduled maintenance. Sorry, nobody on my end was informed.

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