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  1. Sudrien Sudrien Says:

    Guestbook test

  2. Sudrien Sudrien Says:

    The previous shoutbox updated itself to broken status. Our new Guestbook page will now serve the same function.

  3. george1234 Says:

    How is it an update if it breaks it ? lol I think i prefer the previous system as you didnt have to leave the main page to write. Anyway thanks for the fix 🙂

  4. Sudrien Sudrien Says:

    Working on same-page posting. It works, at least.

  5. yuki.n Says:

    Yep, same-page posting works. Thanks Sud!

  6. Flame_the_Warrior_of_Light Says:

    so even if Yuki had to cancel her concert in Hollywood, she is still planning on coming on some later date?

  7. george1234 Says:

    She did say something on her blog: “Again, I offer my deepest apologies, and am praying to see all of you smiling at a future show date.”

  8. Vyse Legendaire Says:

    Nice update guyz ;0

  9. george1234 Says:

    @Sudrien. Can you put a limit to how much of the column this add-on takes ? The calendar and recent posts seem totally buried.

  10. Thorn-Mage Says:

    Time (:30 Hollywood Time–Great meeting you, S + S from Denver! Hope you’ll drop in here and say hello! Fear not–Kajiura-sensei will play the US someday: we believe!

  11. Thorn-Mage Says:

    If anyone else made the trek to the Dolby tonight, sorry I missed you! Even under circs like these, it’s good to meet other fans! (9:38 Hollywood time)

  12. george1234 Says:

    New poll 🙂

  13. ZERO Says:

    The tracklist for Kalafina Arena LIVE 2016 BD is messed up.

  14. george1234 Says:

    If you refer to the MCs i just fixed them.

  15. Westkana Says:

    On the winter acoustic page, “have yourself a merry little Christmas” has the “merry” listed as “marry”

  16. george1234 Says:


  17. sprinterXkyrie Says:

    And also the LisAni LIVE 2017 setlist, it should be Ichiban no Takaramono instead of Itsuka no Tegami ^_^

  18. george1234 Says:


  19. random Says:

    she probably didn’t write all of the insert songs for SAO. only 3 of the song titles are Kajiura-like.

  20. George1234 Says:

    We will see about that soon

  21. Kowz Says:

    It’s possible she didn’t write the lyrics, so someone else could’ve named the songs.

  22. anoth Says:

    here’s another example SAO movies

  23. george1234 Says:

    Anoth, where did you find that long vid ? Its not in the official site… That song at the end is “to the beginning” copypaste 🙁

  24. yuki.n Says:

    @George, the description on the video says it’s available on the PS4.

  25. george1234 Says:

    Please vote after listening, dont vote for the shake of voting 🙂

  26. Westkana Says:

    According to Google Translate on the name the CD booklet, the name of the “???” viola player on Kimi ga Hikari ni… & Kizuato is Daisuke Inoue.

  27. george1234 Says:

    Were you able to identify his name in japanese script ?

  28. Illyon Says:

    Inobe, Daisuke. 井野辺大輔 in kanji. Though I really can’t find anything about this violist but his role in Kizuato, Kimi ga Hikari ni Kaete Iku and very few other pieces for different groups. That, and apparently the track “Preparation” from Pandora Hearts’ first OST.

  29. Illyon Says:

    井野邉大輔, however, seems to be more famous with the viola… alternate writing? Alias? Curious. Still the same pronunciation and romanisation though.

  30. george1234 Says:


  31. Alex Says:

    into the world/ marchen cover art is up on their website 🙂

  32. george1234 Says:

    << New Poll

  33. disco kitty Says:

    you are missing this

  34. george1234 Says:

    Thanks Kowz / Maxwell09

  35. Kowz Says:

    Huh? What did I do?

  36. Thorn-Mage Says:

    Easter Sunday at Shumatsucon in Columbus Ohio, I’ll present my panel ‘Yuki Kajiura: Adventures In Anime Music’–Yaay!

  37. Eve April Says:

    Greetings from Polish to all the fans of Yuki !!

  38. george1234 Says:

    Greetings Eve 😀

  39. Elia Maria Says:

    Where I can get the Liminality ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK and buy it

  40. Elia Maria Says:

    I want buy a Yuki Kajuira’s cd “luminality”. I am looking for a Grandpa’s Violin song. Thanks

  41. george1234 Says:

    Hello Maria, i think it would be really difficult to find it anymore anywhere else other than ebay or other auction websites since its a very old soundtrack and as far as i know there hasnt been any re-print of the OST

  42. Kowz Says:

    It’s actually on Amazon. Cheap as fuark.

  43. Tarryl / TRal55 Says:

    Liminality & Grandpas Violin are some of my favorite YK songs ever!

  44. george1234 Says:

    Wow they still have stock after 17 years ? This sure is an underated OST. These 2 are my favs too 😀

  45. Gits_sac Says:

    Today Kalafina song list anisong live singapore:

    1) Magia
    2) one light
    3) kimi no gin no niwa
    4) ring your bell
    5) sprinter
    6) aimer x kalafina – believe
    7) aimer x kalafina – Anata ni Deawanakereba ~Kasetsu Touka~

  46. Yurika-Chan Says:

    New anime for Yuki Kajiura “Princess Principal”

  47. TRal55 Says:

    Electric guitar, operatic vocals, and saxaphone… OMG That new Princess Principal is gonna be a great YK soundtrack! <3

  48. george1234 Says:

    Dont judge osts by their pv musics because bokumachi and sao had good pvs but the ost turned out so-so.

  49. Tarryl / TRal55 Says:

    True, however I did not think the SOA PV was very good. I don’t like epic soundtracks, I like more low-scale ones. Time will tell

  50. yume19 Says:

    Don’t remember if was already announced but Kalafina will sing the ED theme of Katsugeki Touken Ranbu in July.

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