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Privacy Policy


All content posted to and its subdomains for public viewing is shared with for automated spam filtering. Private messages are not.

You browsing activity on and its subdomains will be tracked by a local installation of Matomo. Only general trends may be shared publicly; your traffic data will not be shared or sold. It is only so Sudrien has some idea what you’re doing on the server.

This server is subject to the laws and regulations of the United States of America, and will comply with them as required by local law enforcement.


Discord Chat and Titan Embeds are not directly managed by us. Please refer to their own policies. (their own client and service) (client embedded in )


If you post something to and its subdomains, you’re submitting it to our moderation procedures. Remember, what you post on the Internet stays on the Internet, because anybody can download it. We’ll do what we can if you need some info removed, but it may be in an archive beyond our control.

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