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Media & Downloads


Image Gallery
Our ever-expanding image gallery, with photos of Yuki Kajiura, Uta-himes, musicians, live events, fanart, and lots more. Register to upload your own files.

A list of the artists that the cpm forum members like and recommend to you, accompanied with short information about them as well as samples.

Arranged & Cover Music
Fan creations! A list of links to fan arranged/cover music composed by Yuki Kajiura. Contact Nick Hunter to put your work on the list.

Music Downloads
Download unreleased tracks ripped from the source. Despite never having been published, the music here is definitely worth listening to!

Video Downloads
A large list of videos available for download, including PVs, live performances, interviews, and more. E-mail Kerahna to request files. We are working on completing this page with download links for all discontinued videos.

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