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Official Sites – Yuki’s official site in Japanese. -Yuki’s blog where she posts pictures of food.
FictionJunction English -Yuki’s official site in English (not up to date).
Opera -Yuki’s secret site about opera because she likes it.
Feels like Heaven – Heavenly MUSIC – – Yuki’s much older official site.
Fiction | Yuki Kajiura -JVC’s official Yuki Kajiura site.
Yuki Kajiura – Official Facebook account
See-Saw -Official See-Saw site by JVC.
FictionJunction CLUB – Yuki’s Official fan club (Japanese only) till May 2018.
FictionJunction YUUKA -Official FJY site with music samples and a blog.
FictionJunction -The official FictionJunction website by JVC (till 2021)
FictionJunction -The official FictionJunction website by Sacra Music (2022 onwards)
Kalafina -Kalafina site by Sony.
Kalafina Note -old Official blog (before sprinter/ARIA).
Kalafina blog -Kalafinas oricon Official blog (before far on the water)
Kalafina LINE blog (LINE blog, replacing the oricon one)
Kalafina Lives website (made by spacecraft and kyodotokyo)
Kalafina Official Fanclub “Harmony” (since 2017 till 2018)
FictionJunction Station Yuki’s Official fan club (Japanese only) since October 2018.
Υuki Kajiura’s staff twitter account” (Japanese only)

International Community

Not working / On hiatus

First Facebook Yuki Kajiura Fan Group – Kajiura Eternal Heaven (French) [hiatus]
Chinese Yuki Kajiura Community – (Chinese) – Kajiura Fictions (Finnish) [hiatus]
Private See-Saw Musium – (Japanese)


Kalafina SubReddit
FictionJunction SubReddit

Related Blogs

Outdated/ Closed

黒い雪 -The Nocturnal Black Snow – (English)
Tenshi no Yume – (French)
Claret Moon Nostalgy – (Vietnamese)
Ficción Música – (Spanish)
FictionJunction J-Music [hiatus]
FJ English – Unofficial translations of Yuki’s blog by Kiyoko [hiatus]
創作 交匯 – Unofficial translations of Yuki’s blog by chonps (Chinese)
Requiem of the Evil [hiatus]
Tou’s Blog – (Japanese)
スタート – ACG | 声優 雜談 – (Chinese)




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