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June 22, 2016 Boku dake inai machi OST 2

The official website of the anime has announced that the DVD or BD bundle containing the second soundtrack will be released on June 22, 2016.

Title: TV anime “Boku Dake Inai Machi” Bluray & DVD
Release Date: Volume 2 (eps 7-12, OST 2): June 22, 2016

Product Codes: Blu-ray: ANZX-12045~12048, DVD: ANZB-12045~12048
Prices: Blu-ray: 18,000 yen + tax, DVD: 15,000 yen + tax
Contains: 1 BD or DVD & 1 OST CD
Disc 1: Boku dake inai machi Original Soundtrack 2 by Yuki Kajiura
Disc 2 “endless rerun (revival) disc”: episodes 7-12 of the anime.
Benefits: a) manga drawn by author Kei Sanbe b) Box with Character design of Satoru drawn by Keigo Sasaki c) special booklet d) audio commentary

June 22, 2016 Kalafina LIVE TOUR 2015 ~ 2016 “far on the water” Special FINAL BD/DVD

Title: Kalafina LIVE TOUR 2015 ~ 2016 “far on the water” Special FINAL at Tokyo International Forum Hall A
Release Date: June 22, 2016
Product Codes: DVD: SEBL-210 BD: SEXL-77
Price: DVD: ¥ 5,800 (tax included), BD: ¥ 6,800 (tax included)
[Preorder: BD , DVD, from CDJapan]

August 10, 2016 Kalafina 19th single “Blaze” for Arslan Senki

The Kalafina website has updated with release details for the upcoming 19th single “Blaze”! The title song, as announced previously will be Ending Theme of Arslan Senki’s 5-episode 2nd season, “Fuujin Ranbu”. The single releases on August 10, 2016, with 4 editions and vinyl as usual. The anime starts airing on July 3.

Product Code: SECL-1956
Price: ¥1,500 (tax included)

LE B (+BD)
Product Code: SECL-1958
Price: ¥1,700 (tax included)

RE (CD only)
Product Code: SECL-1960
Price: ¥1,300 (tax included)

Anime Edition
Product Code: SECL-1961
Price: ¥1,500 (tax included)

Vinyl (12inch)
Product Code: SEJL-31
Price: ¥1,500 (tax included)

2017 Yuki Kajiura music for Sword Art Online “Ordinal Scale” movie
More info

2017 ~ ? Yuki Kajiura music Fate/Stay Night “Heaven’s Feel” movie trilogy
More info

Next Year (lol) Kalafina new ED song “into this world” for Rekishi Hiwa Historia
More info


July 27 – 30, 2016 Kalafina at 「15th Anniversary Jounetsu Tairiku SPECIAL LIVE SUMMER TIME BONANZA’16」

it has been announced that Kalafina will have their first appearance on「15th Anniversary Jonetsu Tairiku SPECIAL LIVE SUMMER TIME BONANZA’16」

Date: July 30, 2016
Venue: Banpaku Memorial Park, Osaka, Japan
doors open/show starts: 11:00 / 12:30
Ticket: ¥ 8,800

Date: August 27, 2016
Venue: Dream Island Park Athletics Stadium, Tokyo, Japan
doors open/show starts: 11:00 / 12:30
Ticket: ¥ 8,800

September 10-11, 16-17, 2016 Kalafina Arena LIVE 2016

one more Budokan live and one in Kobe both under the title tentative title Kalafina Arena LIVE 2016

Title: Kalafina Arena LIVE 2016
September 10-11, 2016 @ Kobe World Memorial Hall (website)
September 16-17, 2016 @ Tokyo Nippon Budokan (website)
More info

Guitar:Koichi Korenaga / Drums:Kyoichi Sato / Bass: Takahashi “Jr” Tomoharu / Strings: Hitoshi Konno Strings / Keyboards:Sakurada Hirotaka / Percussion:Nakajima Obawo / Manipulator: Oohira Yoshio

Winter, 2016 Kalafina with Strings” Christmas Premium LIVE 2016

Kalafina announced that they will be doing a Japan-wide tour with strings quartet and songs in accoustic version, sometime next winter. More details to be announced in official site.

Unreleased material

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