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Future Works/Events


Here you can find upcoming CDs, concerts and others where you can find the music of Yuki Kajiura. At the bottom, there’s also listing of all the current projects Yuki Kajiura is writing music for, and an unreleased works page 🙂
For past events/releases list, visit the Past Events and Releases page. Alternatively, visit the Live Events, Discography or Sheet Music sections for more details on the past events or releases.

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December 28,2018 Yuki Kajiura will take part in Composers Summit Concert 2018

it was announced that Yuki Kajiura will take part in Composers Summit Concert 2018, on December 28, 2018, along with Go Shiina and with Akira Senju as special guest. Musicians & Vocalists will be announced in the future.

Date: December 28,2018
Venue: Tokyo International Forum Hall A
Artist: Yuki Kajiura / Go Shiina
Special Guest: Akira Senju

Kajiura Yuki (Keyboard) Go Shiina (Keyboard) Special Guest: Akira Senju

Vocals: Kasahara Yuri, Imai Asami, Joelle, and more…

Tokyo New City Orchestra
Konno Hitoshi Strings
Korenaga Koichi (Guitar)
Baba Kazuto (Guitar)
Takahashi“ Jr. ” Tomoharu (Bass)
Hasegawa Atsushi (Bass)
Koji Igarashi (Keyboard)
Satō Kyoichi(Drums)
Abe Kaoru(Drums)
Yoshio Ohira (Manipulator)

Event official site:

Akira Senju is known for his work in Full Metal Alchemist,  Yomigaeri, Tales of Vespiria  and Gundam Victory (back in 1992), while Go Shiina is known for  his work at Tekken, God Eater and Idolmaster, Ace Combat 3, and various other of the Tales of games. Both composers seem to mainly work under Bandai Namco, and judging from vol #14 credits, Kajiura is probably going to do that too in the future. With them doing mainly games soundtracks, we can guess that in the tracklist for Kajiura’s part, there will be many Xenosaga musics, as it was a namco game.

February 2, 2019 FictionJunction YUUKA and Yuki Kajiura at Flying Dog 10th Anniversary LIVE – Dog Festival!

It was announced that FictionJunction YUUKA and Yuki Kajiura will appear in recod label’s Flying Dog 10th Anniversary LIVE – Dog Festival! – ! This will be the first FJY appearance since YK vol#11! The label has also invited Akino Shinkai, ALI PROJECT, Maaya Sakamoto, Ai Nakajima, Nano. The live will take place in February 2, 2019 at Musashino no Mori General Sports Plaza Main Arena.

Event Title: Flying Dog 10th Anniversary LIVE – Dog Festival! –
Date: February 2, 2019

Doors open, show starts: 14: 30 / 16: 00
Venue: Musashino no Mori General Sports Plaza Main Arena
vol 1: Arai Akino, ALI PROJECT, Maaya Sakamoto
vol 2: Kajiura Yuki / Fiction Junction YUUKA, Megumi Nakajima, nano
Tickets: Preordering starts on September 29
Official site:

June 15+, 2019 Yuki Kajiura Live Vol.#15

It was announced that the next Yuki Kajiura Live, volume #15 will be next year starting on 15 or 16 of June 2019, at Maihama Arena in Tokyo, with Nagoya and Osaka as next stops.

Current & Announced Projects

October 6 2018 Yuki Kajiura music for Sword Art Online Alicization
Info here

2017 ~ ? Yuki Kajiura music Fate/Stay Night “Heaven’s Feel” movie trilogy
Yuki Kajiura will be in charge of the BGM for a trilogy of Fate/Stay Night “Heaven’s Feel” movies, animated by ufotable. A new 2nd trailer (link below) has revealed a bgm.
More info

The first movie’s title and screen date were announced.

Heaven’s Feel movie I: Presage Flower
Screen date: October 14, 2017
More info

2nd movie:

Heaven’s Feel movie II: Lost Butterfly
Screen date: January 12, 2019

2008 – present Yuki Kajiura music for Rekishi Hiwa Historia
Since 2008 Yuki Kajiura is continiously composing more new exclusive musics for the NHK Documentary, as well as allowing it to use all her past soundtrack works as BGM.

Unreleased material

☆☆☆ Click here for all known unreleased music ☆☆☆

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