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Duo formed by Yuki Kajiura and Kaori Oda. Their first appearance was in the song tsubasa, featured in the Tsubasa Chronicle Original Soundtrack Future Soundscape I and later with the song dream scape, contained in the third future soundscape.

Their last song till now is (Hanamori no Oka), ending theme for Shin Kyuuseishu Densetsu Hokuto no Ken: Toki-den OAV. It was later released in FictionJunction projects album Everlasting Song.

Although Kaori also sings the song Calling, ending theme of Baccano! anime series, and the song was released as a single, this one did it under the name of Kaori Oda, not as FictionJunction KAORI (despite the fact Yuki composed it and wrote the lyrics). This happened because the B-side of the single, the song Power in me (also performed by Kaori) was composed by Seiji Motoyama, not Yuki Kajiura.

In December 23, 2009 Kaori Oda did her first her solo live titled Kaori Oda First Acoustic LIVE ~Kaori’s melody vol.#1 X’mas Special~. In that live she performed, among other songs, 2 songs composed by Yuki Kajiura: Hanamori no Oka, and Calling.

In February 23, 2011, was released, a cover album for the anime Yuusha Exkaiser titled Harvest, containing covers by various artists of songs from the anime. FictionJunction did track , Gatherway, which was arranged by Koichi Korenaga, while Yuki Kajiura did the chorus arrangements. Main vocals sung by Kaori while the other 3 girls were providing chorus.

In December 26 of 2011, Kaori Oda had announced in her blog that she would provide vocals for the new background music that would be used in the third of Rekishi Hiwa Historia that started airing on January 3. The Rekishi Hiwa Historia Original Soundtrack II, will have 28 tracks in total and will be released in April 13, 2011. Later was know that she sung in kajiurago for 2 songs of the soundtrack, “until you find a light – op theme #5” and fruitless love.

In the FictionJunction single “stone cold” that’s released on August 3, KAORI gets the main vocal of the most of the A-side homonymous song as well as of the B-side song, hitorigoto. She also sing in the song eternal blue opening theme song for the game Senritsu no Stratus. The game’s soundtrack will only contain the song’s game-size (1:30 min) so the full version of the song is expected to get released with the 2nd FictionJunction album.

LIVE Performances

December 23, 2009 Kaori Oda First Acoustic LIVE ~Kaori’s melody vol.#1 X’mas Special~


tsubasa – Insert Theme song of Tsubasa Chronicle
dream scape – Insert Theme song of Tsubasa Chronicle
Hanamori no Oka – Ending Theme song of Hokuto no Ken: Toki Den

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