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This page features logs of Yuki’s Q&A event that was held in Friday Dec 17, 2010, 22:00 – 24:00 Japanese time (UTC+9) via twitter. The fans could send her twits using a special tag, either in Japanese or English. She was replying to both in Japanese. Fans that could not participate at the event at that time were able to send her twitter-length questions via her official site’s mail form. After the end of event, Yuki created 2 special pages in her site. The first page was featuring questions that were sent via her site’s mailform and Yuki’s answers. The second was featuring the questions of fans where she hadn’t managed to reply because of the event time, and her answers to them. Some days later she deleted both pages as she had said she would do. We in logged both pages, as well as the twitter conversation as was set in Q&A order in togetter by some fan. Please enjoy!

Twitter interview

Answers to mailform Q&AAnswers to unanswered twitter questions


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