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Discography » Sword Art Online Original Sountrack II


ANZX-6613~6614 | April 24, 2013
27 Tracks
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Music: Yuki Kajiura
Arrangement: Yuki Kajiura
Lyrics: Yuki Kajiura
Chorus: Tokyo Konsei (23)


  1. swordland~to be continued (33s)
  2. friendly feelings (1m47s)
  3. sorrowfully (1m24s)
  4. critical phase (1m55s)
  5. victory (1m29s)
  6. a new world of fairies (2m12s)
  7. fly higher and faster (1m42s)
  8. in time of peace (1m41s)
  9. fly, if you can (2m4s)
  10. fight with a devil (2m19s)
  11. she is still sleeping (1m44s)
  12. past sadness (2m)
  13. is this love? (2m26s)
  14. town in the morning (1m35s)
  15. climbing up the world tree (2m11s)
  16. I wonder (1m41s)
  17. Yui (1m55s)
  18. is this love? ~piano only ver. (1m57s)
  19. Oberon (2m4s)
  20. in the cage (1m57s)
  21. got to win (2m9s)
  22. aerial fight (2m34s)
  23. false king (2m9s)
  24. last flight (2m6s)
  25. reconciliation (2m15s)
  26. dance with me (1m47s)
  27. aincrad (1m34s)


  • Its bunded along the Sword Art Online LE BD & DVD vol as bonus disc
  • There has been an official apology by Aniplex because track of this soundtrack “Sorrowfully” was the same as track #16 “at our parting” of SAO OST 1
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