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See-Saw “Sarigiwa no romantics”: MV short ver with the song is out

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Today the FlyingDog Youtube Channel updated with MV (short ver) for See-Saw’s “Sarigiwa no romantikusu”.

See-Saw – Sarigiwa no romantics 「去り際のロマンティクス」
VTCL-35367 | January 24, 2024
Single (ED Theme of Mobile Suit Gundam SEED FREEDOM)
3 Tracks

thank to Nightmare for the news.

In of the news according to announcement the first day of Yuki Kajiura LIVE vol.# 19 Kajifes 2023 -30th Anniversary Live- will be broadcasted on CS broadcast on TBS Channel 1 on February 24, 2024!

There is also a video message with Yuki Kajiura and KEIKO promoting her upcoming song Yuuyami no Uta

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