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Yuki Kajiura releases “Early Best Collection for soundtrack” and “Works for Soundtrack 2”

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Yuki Kajiura has announced today 2 exciting releases via, first is 30th Anniversary Early BEST Collection for Soundtrack containing best tracks from various projects she wrote music for, in her 30 years of career (1993-2023), and the second is “Works for Soundtrack 2” which includes unrealised musics from shows she wrote for, which is follow-up to the first Works for Soundtrack.
Both will release on December 6, 2023
The Early Best Collection will be released by Flying Dog, while Works for Soundtrack 2 by Sony/Aniplex.

30th Anniversary Early BEST Collection for Soundtrackincludes musics from the series:

– noir
– aquarian age
– hack SIGN and Luminality
– Xenosaga II and III
– Madlax
– Mai-HIME
– Tsubasa Chronicles
– El Cazador de la Bruja
– Pandora Hearts

Furthermore the LE BD will include the YK Vol#1 reprise that was streamed during the Covid pandemic.

30th Anniversary Early BEST Collection for Soundtrack
Artist: Yuki Kajiura
Release: December 6, 2012

Limited First Edition (3CD+Blu-ray)
Product Code: VTZL-237
Price: ¥8,250 (including tax)
Regular Edition
Product Code: VTCL-60584
Price: ¥4,950 (including tax)

The Limited First Press Edition will include a BD of the studio live performance “Yuki Kajiura LIVE extra edition – STUDIO delivery LIVE vol.#1 reprise!
The limited first edition only comes in a three-sided box.

Meanwhile The works for Soundtrack II will include unreleased musics from:
CG film ‘L.O.R.D.: Legend of Ravaging Dynasties -Kokuzeki Mudou Dynasty Legend -Kokuzeki’ Drama
NHK TV drama ‘Eien no Nisipa – Hokkaido to namaite Otoko Matsuura Takeshiro’ (The Man Who Named Hokkaido – Takeshiro Matsuura)
NHK TV drama ‘Kaze yo Arashi yo‘ (
TV Asahi TV drama ‘Kitchen Revolution’ theme/theatrical
NHK TV drama ‘Rekishi Hiwa Historia 4’
– Other

Title: The Works for Soundtrack II
Artist: Yuki Kajiura
Release date: December 6, 2023 (Wednesday)
Item number/price: initial specification disc (3CD + booklet + three-sided sleeve) ¥4,950 (¥4,500 + tax)
Product Code: VVCL-2380~2

The first edition will include a booklet containing a dialogue interview between Yuki Kajiura and Tsuyoshi Yanagawa, director of the NHK TV dramas “Eien no Nishipa: Hokkaido to namaeteru Otoko: Takeshiro Matsuura” and “Kaze yo Arashi yo” (The Man Who Named Hokkaido: Takeshiro Matsuura).

Thanks to Kugayama for the news!

Update 27/10/2023: Yuki Kajiura has updated the list with the included songs for Works for soundtracks and it will include a new song performed by KOKIA called “Kaze yo Fuke” that will be used as Ending Theme on a theatrical version of the NHK TV drama “Kaze yo Arashi yo” Yuki Kajiura composed for previously. It will also include the “Great Nature” documentary theme music (with Eri Itou in vocal).

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  1. TRal55 says:

    I swear on my life, I was just sitting here fantasizing about the Eri Ito song from Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations being released on a new Works for Soundtracks, and thought, “How has there be no recent news about a new YK release in the near future? I better check canta-per-me” and BOOM! Dream come true!!!!

  2. sath96 says:

    Stumbled upon your site just today and seeing that it’s an active fansite for my most favourite composer, fills me with immense joy!

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