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The Works for Soundtrack 2: tracklist & samples

Posted , Updated and other retailers have updated with the tracklist (1) and samples (2)  for The Works for Soundtracks 2 by Yuki Kajiura that releases tomorrow December 6, 2023. It will include  so-far-unreleased musics from:
– CG film ‘L.O.R.D.: Legend of Ravaging Dynasties -Kokuzeki Mudou Dynasty Legend -Kokuzeki’ Drama (Disc 1)
– NHK TV drama ‘Eien no Nisipa – Hokkaido to namaite Otoko Matsuura Takeshiro’ (The Man Who Named Hokkaido – Takeshiro Matsuura) (Disc 2)
– NHK “Great Nature” OP and ED themes (Disc 2)
– NHK TV drama ‘Rekishi Hiwa Historia 4’ (Disc 2)
– TV Asahi TV drama ‘Kitchen Revolution’ theme/theatrical (Disc 2)
BGM from Madoka Magica promotional videos (Disc 2 tracks 39, 40) (we just found out about this today with the samples) (Disc 2)
– NHK TV drama ‘Kaze yo Arashi yo‘ (Disc 3)
– New song by FictionJuction featuring KOKIA titled “Kaze yo, fuke 風よ、吹け”, ED theme of the theatrical version of NHK’s “Kaze yo Arashi yo”. (Disc 3 track 28)

Yuki Kajiura – The Works for Soundtrack II
December 6, 2023
Soundtrack Compilation
34 + 40 + 28 Tracks = 102 (3 Discs)

Also you can listen to KEIKO’s Yuyami no Uta TV size on bili

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