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Pandora Hearts medley Live officially on Youtube & New Madoka Magica anime film announced

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Two days ago, Highway Star, the company Yuki Kajiura collabs with for her live events, uploaded on Youtube footage from 『FictionJunction Station Fan Club Talk & Live vol.#1』 of March 13, 2021, to be more specific, the PandoraHearts Medley “Alone~Bloody rabbit~Contractor”. You can watch it below:

In other news, about 3 weeks ago, at the 10th anniversary online event for the Puella Magi Madoka Magica anime, was revealed that a new Madoka Magica movie is in the works, as sequel of the Rebellion movie, with all the staff and cast returning and of course, Yuki Kajiura on the music! The movie is titled Gekijōban Mahō Shōjo Madoka Magica: Walpurgis no Kaiten (Turning the Tide of Walpurgis).

thanks to Nightmare for the news!

4 responses

  1. TRal55 says:

    So Joelle was performing with FJ as far back as 2013? I had no idea

  2. george1234 says:

    No it was a typo ^^; The live is from this year, 2021, not 2013.

  3. TRal55 says:

    Oh wow, so FJ is now doing Kalafina songs? That’s so interesting! I would love to hear Joelle lead those, I bet they sound amazing

  4. george1234 says:

    Yes they do, after all its Kajiura property and Kalafina is disbanded, the contracts are terminated so she can perform them all she wants. 🙂

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