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FictionJunction KAORI to sing Hokuto no Ken: Toki Den ED

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Yuki made two massive posts today, the first regarding her gardening (with pictures of a beautiful amaryllis :D), and the second announcing that FictionJunction KAORI will be singing the ending theme for the Hokuto no Ken: Toki Den OVA (Fist of the North Star: the Legend of Toki), titled “花守の丘” (Hanamori no Oka). We have heard FJKaori before, in Dream Scape from Tsubasa Chronicle Future Soundscape III, and in “Calling”, the Baccano! ED. The DVD will be released on March 6, 2008. As we know from before, Yuki Kajiura will be doing the rest of the soundtrack, for which a release date has not yet been announced.

You can hear a sample of the song at the Hokuto no Ken Website or click the player below.

Hanamori no Oka PREVIEW [Audio:]

Spring is arriving in Tokyo… we wish Yuki the best of luck in the war against allergies!

6 responses

  1. george1234 says:

    Surely great news, and the song is a always very good (the “company” uses YK quality system), its just that Kaori Oda’s voice has changed compared with her past one, in the past it was fresh and young sounding, while now sound as if she has smoken a dozen of cigarette packets

  2. zuiyon says:

    Great news today ! (oooh Yuki has got beautiful flowers ! xD)
    A new OST again ? She Kara no kyoukai osts are not released yet. She works too much xD By the way, the song is very good, I want to hear more !
    And Kaori is one of the rare Yuki’s vocalist who has got a low voice ! In general, Yuki prefers high pitched voices. So that’s a good news for us to hear Kaori ^^
    yay !!

    Hey george, you said that because of the qualitiy of the recording maybe 😉

    yay fight ! fight !! Aaah allergies xP
    atchaaa !

  3. naoise says:

    KAORI is pretty awesome :D. I’m always amazed at the sheer volume of music Yuki is able to produce – keeping in mind each piece is individual and unique. Her brain must be like, super awesome.

  4. Kerahna says:

    Sorry my rips suck >_< the version on the website sounds a little better. I don't know whyyyyy i'm ripping the song directly from my sound card but there is still noise! and when i use noise removal, it sounds like its underwater D:

  5. Naddie says:

    I love Oda Kaori, her voice is wonderful. I wonder when this single is going to be out? I mean I’m assuming the release of the DVD is different than the single since I haven’t seen the song floating around.

    The song sorta reminds me of SH’s collab with KAORI, very nice.

  6. Jolinar says:

    Thank you very much for this precious information. I’ve been looking for the title of this song for months… Thank you!

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