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Lyrics & Song Info » sandpiper


Music: Yuki Kajiura
Lyrics: Yuki Kajiura
Arrangement: Yuki Kajiura
Vocals: Kalafina
Chorus: Yuriko Kaida, Yuki Kajiura
E. guitar: Koichi Korenaga (original/live)
A. guitar and oud: Koichiro Tashiro (original)
Drums: Kyoichi Satou (original/live)
Bass: Tomoharu “Jr” Takahashi (original/live)
Piano: Masato Matsuda (original), Hirotaka Sakurada (live)
Percussion: Mataro Misawa (original)
Strings: Kiyo Kido Strings (original)
Violin: Hitoshi Konno (live)

Kalafina – After Eden: Track 2
Kalafina – 「“After Eden” Special LIVE 2011 at TOKYO DOME CITY HALL」: Track 10

Kanji Romaji English
itsu kara kono basho de naiteita no ka
namida no riyuu sae kareteshimau made
hitori de kakureteitai no
I have entirely forgotten how long
I have been been crying in this place
I want to stay hidden until
the reason for my tears withers away
kaze ga yobu kedo
kotae wa nakute
sora wa kanashiku hitorikiri
aishita koto mo
suna no morosa ni
Although the wind calls out to me
I have no answer to give to it
the sky is sorrowful when alone
the things i loved
disappear into the brittleness of the sand
mou anata ga doko ni mo mienai
kumo wa tabi wo sasou kedo
itsuka hitori de tobitatsu toki made
watashi wa sora wo nakushite
nemuru isoshigi
I can’t see you anywhere anymore
though the clouds lure me on a journey
until the day i fly away alone
I will lose the sky
I’m a sleeping sandpiper
furusato he tsuzuku
aoi kaze wo tada
shinjiteita no yo
shiawase no michishirube
midori no shima he
anata no tsubasa wo mitsumete
I only believed in the blue breeze
that continued on
to my birthplace
I gaze at your wings,
a guide of happiness
to the green island
jiyuu ni nareba
michi wo nakushita
sekai wa kanashii hodo hiroku
umi yori takaku
ten yori hikuku
yuku wa
I lost my way
when i became free
the world is so far and wide that it’s lonely
i will go higher than the seas
bringing down the heavens
mou anata ni kizutsuku koto mo nai
yagate tozasareru soukyuu
kaeru basho sae mienaku naru kedo
watashi wa sora wo wasurete
There isn’t anything that can hurt you anymore
before long, i will shut away the blue sky
I will leave the sky behind
and begin to walk
although I can’t even see the place i’m returning to

Kanji from After Eden booklet
Transliteration by keikochan
Translation by missjasminnn

21 responses

  1. Hishii says:

    TT_TT Sooooooo beautiful. Definitely one of my favorite songs of the album. Thanks a lot guys♥♥♥

  2. george1234 says:

    You are welcome 😀

  3. Szollczar says:

    Absolutely the best song in After Eden. <3 Thanks so much for the translation; I've been looking forward to it immensely. Great work!

  4. Rina says:

    It’s very most beautiful song….and of course it’s makes me so sad too….
    This is my favorite song in After Eden Album….
    Kajiura Yuki is THE BEST!!!!!

  5. domon says:

    Thx for the lyric :), indeed very beautiful song >.<

  6. Razgriz says:

    Absolutely one of my favorite song from Kajiura sama.
    Tears are almost up here T-T

  7. crystalpink says:

    This is my favorite song, too.
    Made me almost cry every time I sing this T_T

  8. Mike says:

    i always cried when i heard and sing this song, this song is very very beautiful, thanks for sharing romaji and English translation to make it us understand widely 😀

  9. george1234 says:

    always?! XD It was released like 20 days ago XD

  10. AmelieHelen says:

    This song is amazing :3

  11. missjasminnn says:

    i forgot to point out that “noka” is a particle used when you ask yourself a question. so, the first two lines would be “how long have i been crying in this place?(asking herself) i have entirely forgotten” but it makes it more flowing to just have it as “i have entirely forgotten how long i’ve been crying in this place” 🙂

  12. george1234 says:

    Oh thanks for pointing out, but I didnt find any problem understanding the lyrics the way you had it. Do you want to correct anything on the lyrics ?

  13. missjasminnn says:

    nah i think it’s fine 🙂 i just wanted to point it out. just in case 😀

    i just though if i pointed it out, people would understand that hikaru is “singing to herself” in a way and that makes this song utterly beautiful 🙂

  14. lalala says:

    It seems that I’m the only one who thinks that sandpiper is kinda boring. With its 1 minute intro, 1 minute interlude, and 1 minute ending, plus the second part is just a repeating from the first part so I don’t feel any climax from this song 🙁 Even so the song has the best lyrics from the entire After Eden album 🙂 I really love the phrase “I’m a sleeping sandpiper”.

  15. nena says:

    I think I heard the kajiurago chorus… try it.

    “…namida no riyuu sae kareteshimau made
    hitori de kakureteitai no ( esto diya )”

    “…suna no morosa ni
    kiete ( arti sora )”

    “…midori no shima he
    anata no tsubasa wo mitsumete ( esto diya )”

    “…ten yori hikuku
    yuku wa ( arti sora )”

  16. Penanna says:

    I realise I’m late as heck to the comment game on this, but I keep listening to Sandpiper and I keep wondering what exactly the lyrics are refering to by ‘Sandpiper’, or rather the Japanese word used. Are they talking about the bird breed, Sandpiper, or something else? This whole time I thought it was a reference to a musical instrument of some sort, and while I know “Sandpiper” is a brand name for some instruments, it doesn’t seem linked to a specific instrument. I’m just trying to unlock the deeper meaning behind saying “I am a sleeping Sandpiper”. Is it an instrument going un-played? Or a lonely bird without its life mate?

  17. sutekinanijinoiro says:

    When I searched the Japanese word, the name of the bird appeared.
    So the sandpiper in the lyrics is a bird.

  18. george1234 says:

    yes it is.

  19. shinyaaaaaa says:

    Absolutely one of my most favorite songs from Kalafina! Always getting emotional whenever I listen and sing it… the lyrics are so deep and Wakana+Keiko+Hikaru’s voices are just… argh! T^T

  20. John says:

    I just watched the live version at “After Eden” Special LIVE 2011 at TOKYO DOME CITY HALL, and as always I am always moved by Hikaru’s interpretative ability and sensitivity to the lyrics.

    At the beginning, when the singing hadn’t started, she was already reliving the sadness and confusion of the starting lyrics in her demeanor, and she maintained that stance throughout the song: even though she was doing the little dance with the others, her face was already reflecting the stance of the character.

    That’s why she’s been my favorite from the first time I saw the MV of “Hikari no Senritsu” (all the expression).

    Vocally, she was putting as much sadness into her vocals with breathy parts and cries and the push-and-pull of longing in her voice.

    Wakana and Keiko also expressed the lyrics especially in the more energetic chorus, which was more passionate and demanding.

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