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Lyrics & Song Info » Liminality


Music: Yuki Kajiura
Lyrics: Yuki Kajiura
Arrangement: Yuki Kajiura
Vocal and chorus: Yuri Kasahara (original), FictionJunction (lives)
Guitar: Koichi Korenaga
Bass: Tomoharu “Jr” Takahashi
Violin: Hitoshi Konno
Drums: Kyoichi Satou
Piano: Yuki Kajiura

Note: The musicians listed are from the live performances only, since the original song was comprised solely of synthesizers and vocals.

.hack//Liminality OST: Liminality (Track 1)
.hack//Liminality OST: Liminality (Track 7)
.hack//Liminality OST: Liminality (Track 12)
.hack//Liminality OST: Liminality #Full Version (Track 20)
Yuki Kajiura LIVE 2008.07.31: Track 6
FictionJunction 2008-2010 The BEST of Yuki Kajiura LIVE: CD 1, Track 3
Yuki Kajiura LIVE vol.#11 elemental Tour 2014 2014.4.20 @NHK Hall + Making of elemental Tour 2014: Track 4

Note: This song is sung in English

English Kanji
I’ll be there by your side
in the land of twilight
in your dream I will go
till we find the sunrise
you are lost in nightmare
deep in blue illusion
one more kiss to wake you up
come be mine, you are mine
I will be there seekin’ for liminality
no destinations to see, I wander
in quiet places so dark as eternity
I’m crying, calling your name
I’m searching for you
dreaming in the land of twilight
we are in the land of twilight
deep in blue eternity
search for liminality

Lyrics from .hack//liminality OST booklet

6 responses

  1. amane says:

    Aii dios!
    Yo amo esta canción!
    solo salió de la nada hacia mi pc (?) XDDDD
    gracias por la lirica ;D

  2. Yuzuki says:

    Sin duda una hermosa canción. Muchas gracias por el fantástico aporte!! Su página es genial!!!

  3. rose says:

    爱死你了, yuki!

  4. I recognized recently this song was back masked… The fact that the rhythm was a reverse of the way other parts of the song play it. Exactly reversed. Perhaps your goal was to outreach, wondering if there was somebody else out there like that… A hidden plea..? People like me…
    Others see no connect, but… I know the patterns all too well. There seems to be no escaping that, nor the loneliness that accompanies the understanding… Seeing things nobody else does…

    I loved this song since I first heard it, because I can relate to it… I feel completely isolated. I can see into other people, I can understand them, but the consequence is they cannot see me, and I fear it may be the case that it is impossible. I feel a lack of meaning; a lack of direction… I wander, too, aimlessly, hoping to stumble across something to make my understanding… worth it. All of my life I had searched for the answer to “Why?”… I found it. But now… knowing this isn’t real… “seeking liminality”… seeking the threshold, I know for the purpose of surpassing it. Understanding why potential would manifest in ways such as this, knowing that we’re connected, but given no hint to why there is this residual feeling… Truth is timeless; I know this is the consequence of what should have been love, but maybe a better description would be desperation. Seeking the limit, the thing that makes things how they are, that led us to be how we are… I want to understand it too. It always seems just out of reach, but do you also feel compelled by the pain of solitude and disconnect?
    It’s like if you don’t keep chasing it, all meaning dissipates. Yet I know the reason of this, and the other side… I was there when I was in a coma.

    I doubt there would be a follow up… and maybe I’m completely off in my interpretation… but I hope, for any people trapped there, not just myself, there is a way out.

  5. hauchia says:

    2014 Live version is a bit disappointing…

  6. Elizabeth Ellips says:

    Isn’t it this song’s Title “Liminality” and not Luminality from Hack//LIMINALITY?

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