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  1. Yumekana says:

    so excited for marchen release!!! will kajiura be singing on this single as well?? i remember hearing her in their previous musics???? ; A ;!!

  2. george1234 says:

    These things are never announced prior to release, and, according to what we have heard of Marchen and Into the world so far, she doesnt sing (as Fion, always) in these two, so maybe you can hope for the b-side, but, that will probably be a ballad, so, low chances.

  3. Taldor says:

    I keep thinking the added violin solo in that Mezame performance with Hanae Tomaru singing is from some other Kajiura song but I can’t recall which one. Would someone happen to know? Or am I just imagining things? 😀

  4. Elizabeth Ellips says:

    I was listening to OP and ED Kalafina sung, such as “Believe”, “Heavenly Blue”, “Blaze” and “To The Beginning”, I hate to point out, but they really sound so, so similar…and I’m thinking “Poor Kajiura-san, she must be so worn-out >_<, poor Lady needs a long vacation to refresh her mind to evolve her music…(But I still love her music)

  5. Sudrien says:

    After sitting around for a long time, the main site has been switched to the Recant theme. Any comments on bugs can go here.

  6. Kerahna says:

    Wow Sud I love it!!

  7. Kagaribi says:

    I saw this from Kajiura’s twitter. Not familiar with any of these guys..(only the rightmost one looks quite familiar to me.) Does anyone have any idea about this recording?

  8. Kowz says:

    Maybe for Princess Principal?

  9. Liana Ilia says:

    wow! I like the new layout a lot! 🙂 Great job!

  10. aleeeyra says:

    Hi. Will Yuki Kajiura-san conduct a Live Event of FJ Vol # this year? What time will it be? Thanks a lot

  11. george1234 says:

    She hasnt announced a new one so far, it might be because she’s busy on both Princess Principal and Heaven’s Feel (or discouraged from SAO concert cancellation) and the Kalafina girls go to tours too and as they have common members, FJ cant function if Kalafina is too busy (and thats also why Kaori went solo). If she does announce we will update with news 🙂

  12. LaFeebz says:

    Can’t wait to listen to the Heaven’s Feel ost 😀 Kajiura-san’s work for the Fate series are some of my favorites. Oh also to the person asking about the violin part from the live performance of Mezame, its actually found in the song Salva Nos! Haha I was wondering about that for a while too. It plays at about 4 minutes in

  13. george1234 says:

    OST usually comes out 6 months after the movie comes out. Movie comes out on October 10 i think, so the OST will be next March alonh with BD/DVD.

  14. Xer says:

    How’s Fictionjunction these days? Has it been disbanded, or just being badly neglected?

  15. george1234 says:

    Badly neglected. Kajiura works on 1 anime and 1 anime movie and 1 kalafina single. + I guess was discouraged after SAO concert was cancelled 🙁 + Also kalafina are having tours this spring summer and their winter strings one is already half-announced, so since Keiko and Wakana (& Yuriko, defacto) are in both, its difficult to play on 2 bands at same time.

  16. Shunichi says:

    Kajiura-sama’s team should really consider coming to Europe. Berlin, London, Paris, somewhere big. I’d bet her concerts would sell out immediately!

  17. george1234 says:

    Wasnt Hollywood big enough ?! The problem was that it wasnt mixed but about a single OST that isnt really highly admired by fans, so only SAO fans and only some of the YK fans would go there.
    Sadly Europe doesnt have many fans that would buy immediately, just in this forum we are barely 20 people from Europe, and this is partly because japanese companies dont sell music in other countries apart from the 3 you menthioned above.

  18. Al says:

    Hollywood isn’t in Europe. They shouldn’t aim at big audiences. 100 seats will be enough, at least for the first time.

  19. EveApril says:

    Warm greetings from Poland !! I have a silent hope that someday I will see Kalafina in Poland! Kokia has visited us, it can and I will see your visit. I once again greet..

  20. Ari says:
    This page allows you to VOTE for the song(s) you want Kalafina to sing in their 10th Anniversary live in Budokan!!
    As an official paid members of Kalafina, you can choose 3. Otherwise, you can register a free account and choose 1.
    I voted for Lirica

  21. Westkana says:

    Ahh, such a hard choice for only one song!! I’m really split between about a lot of them, especially because they have the re/oblivious songs! (10 minutes later): Based on how likely it would be to appear, I’ll vote for progressive

  22. george1234 says:

    New poll

  23. george1234 says:

    Why would one be more hyped for 1 song than a whole soundtrack ?

  24. Kowz says:

    The question says for which ANIME are you more hyped, not which music project.

  25. Verthand says:

    10 years have passed and im glad i still see the same ppl here. Especially our lovely kerachan~<3

  26. saint99 says:

    new fate/stay night heaven feels trailer :, brings back SAO OS vibe, bless Kajiura-sama

  27. george1234 says:

    You mean Fate/Zero vibe. SAO was nothing like that.

  28. LaFeebz says:

    Did anyone go to the Princess Principal screening at anime expo today? Gotta say the first episode was AMAZING 😀 Kajiura-san’s music was awesome as always too~

  29. george1234 says:

    We didnt go there. Glad to know that!! Cant wait ^_^

  30. duVillage says:

    Is the chat down? I have not been able to access it all day.

  31. george1234 says:

    Works for me

  32. random says:

    Princess Principal soundtrack announced:

  33. random says:

    Catalog Number: LACA-9540~1
    JAN: 4540774905409

  34. george1234 says:

    i ve added them to the post

  35. Sudrien says:

    Chat was effected by a wider internet outage in Atlanta, for about 90 minutes. It’s back up for now, but it might not stay that way.

  36. please don’t give up Yuki :””

  37. hehe says:

    what is the meaning of カンタンカタン??

  38. kyo says:

    Supposedly means easy support. But knowing Kajiura-san, it’ll probably be some heartbreaking tale (song) about supporting someone in times of need and sorrow.

  39. yuki.n says:

    It means “simple clatter” in this context. Just two words that sound the same and have different meanings.

  40. george1234 says:

    New poll 😀

  41. Argonir says:

    Huh. I would have thought Kantan Katan would be more popular than that.

  42. george1234 says:

    in the forum its the most popular.

  43. hanezora says:

    somehow i have the knack to fave what most people don’t. I really love Tonbo, even though yes, it reminds me of Haru wo Matsu and Mahiru. But something in it is different (at least to me), and I especially love Keiko’s last part in it XDDD. *and sorry if i’m rambling >.<*

  44. kajiuran2222 says:

    Hey, can anyone help me check if CPM chat is down? I’ve been trying to access it for hours 🙁 Thanks!!

  45. kajiuran2222 says:

    Nevermind. Chat is back.

  46. Parad0x13 says:

    Hey! This website is amazing! I’m starting to take up piano again and really admire Yuki’s music. PM me if you want me to play your favorite!

  47. aki says:

    yo george there’s a vinyl version of the new pmmm ultimate best (SVWJ-70281 on CDJ)

  48. george1234 says:

    Okay i ll update the entry with the info 🙂

  49. george1234 says:

    << New Poll!

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