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Discography » Sword Art Online Music Collection


SVWC-70116-9 (RE), SVWC-70111-5 (LE) | January 27, 2016
Soundtrack (4 CDs, 1 BD)
131 Tracks
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Music: Yuki Kajiura
Arrangement: Yuki Kajiura
Lyrics: Yuki Kajiura


ALL Keyboards & Programming: Yuki Kajiura
Vocals: REMI (Disc 1: 1, 2, 21, 33, 36, Disc 3: 16, Disc 4: 19)
Chorus: Tokyo Konsei (Disc 1: 1, 36, Disc 2: 22)
Flute: Akagi Rie / Hideo Takakuwa (高桑英世)
Electric Guitar: Koichi Korenaga
Acoustic Guitar: Tashiro Kōichirō
Drums: Sato Kyoichi
Bass: Takahashi “Jr.” Tomoharu
Percussion: Fujii Tamao
Strings: Kido Kiyo Strings / Konno Hitoshi Strings


Vocals: FictionJunction (Wakana, Keiko, Kaori, Yuriko Kaida), REMI
A.Guitar & E.Guitar: Koichi Korenaga
Drums: Kyoichi Sato
Bass: Takahashi “Jr” Tomoharu
Flute: Rie Akagi
Violin: Masahiko Todo
Horn: Hayama Ryūta [端山隆太] & Homawa Haruna [掘回はるな]

Note: * indicates new tracks compared to the bundled soundtracks.

Message by Yuki Kajiura*

I gathered one by one the pieces of music that I had the honor to write for the sake of the “Sword Art Online” animation, and by doing this I am very happy that everyone can listen to them again. It is a multi-colored world where characters overflowing with individuality, starting with Kirito-kun, are certainly running and flying around. While getting a feeling like traveling together a little bit, the fact that I had the honor to color this pilgrimage with music is truly a physical experience that makes my heart pound. Kirito kun’s adventure will probably still continue after this point, and I can only pray that, from now on too, I’ll have the honor to be associated with it a little bit with the shape of music.
Yuki Kajiura.
*: included inside the collection’s booklet. Translation by Yuki.n


CD1 (73m35s)

  1. swordland (3m16s)
  2. the first town (1m53s)
  3. fight! (2m07s)
  4. friendly feelings (1m46s)
  5. a tender feeling (2m06s)
  6. feel uneasy (1m40s)
  7. welcome to this world (1m33s) *
  8. he rules us (2m35s)
  9. death game (2m08s)*
  10. stand at bay (1m11s)
  11. a close battle (1m54s)
  12. at our parting (1m23s)
  13. weird place (2m09s)
  14. quiet strain (1m57s)
  15. a tense situation (2m31s)
  16. taut nerves (1m56s)
  17. a strategy meeting (1m45s)
  18. march down (1m51s)
  19. gracefully (1m49s)
  20. left in suspense (2m11s)
  21. luminous sword (2m28s)
  22. confront battle (2m42s)
  23. in your past (1m37s)
  24. a tiny love (1m43s)
  25. everyday life (1m53s)
  26. at our parting ~piano only (1m25s)
  27. despaired (1m22s)
  28. a squabble (1m22s)
  29. smile for me (1m39s)
  30. at nightfall (1m56s)
  31. survive the swordland (2m16s)
  32. no way (1m44s)
  33. a narrow escape (1m53s)
  34. with my friend (1m24s)
  35. a tiny love ~harp only (1m42s)*
  36. we have to defeat it (1m50s)
  37. friendly feelings ~piano only (1m47s)*
  38. critical phase (1m55s)
  39. at our parting ~Vc only (0m46s)

CD2 (51m27s)

  1. swordland~to be continued (0m33s)
  2. is this love? (2m14s)
  3. she is still sleeping (1m37s)
  4. Oberon (1m54s)
  5. climbing up the world tree (2m01s)
  6. a new world of fairies (2m02s)
  7. Yui (1m46s)
  8. in time of peace (1m33s)
  9. last flight (1m56s)
  10. aerial fight (2m23s)
  11. got to win (1m58s)
  12. fly, if you can (1m55s)
  13. town in the morning (1m26s)
  14. in the cage (1m48s)
  15. I wonder (1m33s)
  16. is this love? ~piano only ver. (1m49s)
  17. past sadness (1m51s)
  18. fly higher and faster (1m35s)
  19. victory (1m30s)
  20. fight with a devil (2m08s)
  21. reconciliation (2m04s)
  22. false king (1m59s)
  23. dance with me (1m39s)
  24. aincrad (1m34s)
  25. like in the glass (1m48s)*
  26. in this world (2m26s)*
  27. swordbreaking land (1m56s)*
  28. in this cruel land (2m02s)*

CD3 (74m44s)

  1. gunland (1m58s)
  2. this psychedelic world (1m52s)
  3. Death Gun (2m34s)
  4. think tenderly of you (2m01s)
  5. daily life, you and me (1m46s)
  6. something is strange (1m56s)
  7. creeping up (1m54s)
  8. unnaturally tense (2m03s)
  9. inside information (1m49s)
  10. concerning operation (1m47s)
  11. a pressing danger (1m36s)
  12. shooting it out (2m27s)
  13. where’s my enemy? (1m47s)
  14. they start fighting (1m31s)
  15. continuing suspense (1m36s)
  16. she has to overcome her fear (2m18s)
  17. good bye, again and again (2m07s)
  18. no-escape (1m39s)
  19. her actual world (1m27s)
  20. her cruel past (2m02s)
  21. goodbye, again and again ~noisy (2m10s)*
  22. looking back on those days (1m38s)
  23. her tragic memory (1m51s)
  24. crooked mind (2m18s)
  25. a brisk conversation (1m29s)
  26. he, or she? (1m42s)
  27. shoot ’em up! (1m51s)
  28. quickly and without fail (1m54s)
  29. drive your way (1m25s)
  30. Bullet of Bullets (2m17s)
  31. another state of emergency (1m46s)
  32. think tenderly of you ~Mbox ver (1m35s)*
  33. I’m always thinking of you (1m48s)
  34. so I met her (1m48s)
  35. a bleak and desolate land (1m50s)
  36. she’s a knockout! (1m54s)
  37. fighting hard and close (2m06s)
  38. you are the winner! (1m49s)
  39. peace, again (1m54s)

CD4 (56m31s)

  1. desolate landscape (2m42s)
  2. Tonky (2m35s)
  3. in this place (1m59s)
  4. Freyja (1m52s)
  5. Urd (2m28s)
  6. in another land (2m16s)
  7. running out of crisis (2m07s)*
  8. the appearance of Thrymr (1m44s)
  9. defeat him and get it! (3m31s)
  10. in the battle field, once again (2m44s)
  11. fly away from here! (2m50s)
  12. a sad quarrel (1m41s)
  13. run, run, runaway (1m49s)*
  14. you are not alone (2m06s)
  15. light your sword (2m04s)
  16. heartbreaking reality (2m37s)
  17. you are not alone (2m46s)
  18. tears for you (1m51s)
  19. moon and shadow (2m19s)*
  20. you are not alone ~Ac. G ver. (2m06s)*
  21. school days, with you (2m02s)
  22. you are not alone (2m05s)
  23. trying to understand (2m25s)
  24. cold and wild (1m26s)*
  25. you are not alone ~piano ver. (2m01s)*

BD (LE Only – 00:26:12 mins)

  1. swordland
  2. aerial fight
  3. the first town
  4. Tonky (LIVE ver.)
  5. daily life, you and me
  6. another state of emergency
  7. you are not alone (LIVE ver.)
  8. luminous sword (LIVE ver.)
  9. she has to overcome her fear (LIVE ver.)

1. Pitch problem on Disc 2 was fixed
2. Aniplex is offering via its online store a Yuki Kajiura liner notes booklet for those who buy the Sword Art Online Music Collection from there. The booklet will be 12-pages long and will have 8000 words in total. It also includes a Yuki Kajiura long interview and some other material.

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