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Discography » Shin Kyuseishu Densetsu Hokuto no Ken Raoh Den Junai no Sho / Yuria Den Original Soundtrack


UMCK-1219 (Limited Edition: UMCK-9158) | February 21, 2007
35 Tracks
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Music: Yuki Kajiura
Lyrics: Yuki Kajiura
Arrangement: Yuki Kajiura
Vocals: FictionJunction WAKANA (18, 33, 35)
Chorus: Kaoru Saitou, Yuriko Kaida, Tokyo Konsei, Nicolette Grogoroff (New York session)
Keyboards and Programming: Yuki Kajiura
E. guitar: Koichi Korenaga
A. guitar: Koichiro Tashiro
Bass: Tomoharu “Jr” Takahashi
Drums: Kyoichi Satou
Piano: Masato Matsuda
Flute: Rie Akagi
Harp: Tomoyuki Asakawa
Sax: Kazuhiro Takeda
Erhu: Masatsugu Shinozaki
Koto: Yukio Denchuu
Quena: Takashi Asahi
Percussion: Ikuo Kakehashi, Midori Takada
Strings: Kiyo Kido Strings, Hitoshi Konno Strings
Score Support: Hiromitsu Ishikawa
Strings & Brass (New York): The Dunn Pearson Orchestra
Conductor: Larry Hochman


  1. opening
  2. the oppressed~main theme
  3. RAOH
  4. at the palace
  5. dance of assassin
  6. Toki’s village
  7. warrior~SHEW
  8. undesirable~SHEW
  9. face to face
  10. bonfire
  11. justice to win
  12. he is our king~RAOH
  13. reinforcements
  14. his heart~SHEW
  15. undefeated~THOUZER
  16. to rescue him~RAOH
  17. for your sorrow~main theme
  18. where the lights are~SHEW
  19. I am the emperor~THOUZER
  20. lightseekers
  21. THOUZER’S death
  22. at last…
  23. “Hokuto no Ken” Main Theme
  24. fatality
  25. YURIA
  26. SHIN
  27. beat ’em all
  28. decision~SHIN
  29. fatality
  30. way to you
  31. he left us courage
  32. liberators
  33. Hikari no Yukue
  34. love and fate~YURIA
  35. “where the lights are” Japanese ver.

Liner notes

I read Hokuto no Ken before, it’s a deep work, and I have memories of my blood surging, my body jumping, and tears coming. So, this time, when I spoke with the staff about the series, I wondered, “am I a good choice for the music?”, and ended up feeling very awed. But as I spoke to everyone in the staff, they told me, “this time, we want to put an emphasis on human drama”, so that being the case, they probably found my method of approach, and I accepted the work gratefully.

I tried Raou first, then Toki (coincidentally I’m a Toki fan), then Shuu…this being a work filled with characters who overflow with charm, I couldn’t write more. There were a lot of highlights everywhere. Musically, the question “where will the biggest highlight be?” was a welcome source of annoyance. There’s drama in just short scenes, but there are practically no scenes where it should end blandly. They made dozens of shots there, so it was already difficult. More than the music, I guess there were considerable scenes where I ground my teeth and wanted to throw away the script.

This time, to begin with, while I created the music for “Legend of Raou – Chapter of the love martyr”, I read the original work once more. And my blood surged, my body jumped, my tears came. No matter what next era comes, my memories of it will never fade. My being in charge of the music for such a fascinating work gives me feelings of joy. Everyone who watched this film, both fans from long ago and new Hokuto fans, I never stop hoping that you can enjoy the music along with the work.

Kajiura Yuki

translation by ninetales

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