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More news about Kalafina’s “The Best” album!

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According to a announcement, just like was previously rumoured, the best album will be in 2 Editions, “Red” and “Blue” with each of them having Regular and Limited Editions, and will both get released on July 16, 2014. Each of colour has totally different tracklist and contains different live footages in the respective Limited Edition Blu-ray.

The Red Edition will contain a still unknown new song as the first song, while in the BD will contain live footage from the “Kalafina 5th Anniversary LIVE” oblivious” on January 23, 2013 , while the Blue Edition, will have as its last track the newly announced Kalafina song  「heavenly blue」 for Aldnoah Zero anime, while its BD will contain live footage from the Kalafina “Lisani LIVE-4!” performance of January 26, 2014. The Regular Editions will have a price of ¥3240 (tax included) while the Limited ones ¥4320 (tax included)

For the promotion of the release there’s going to open a special site starting tomorrow ( 13/5  at 12:00 JST), and are also planned 3 Talk & Live Kalafina events broadcasted from July 14 to 16, 2014 (Broadcast links: night 1, 2, 3, more info: here soon)

Kalafina – The Best “Red” Edition
RE (CD): SECL-1534 : LE (+BD): SECL-1530~1 | July 16, 2014
Best of Album
15 Tracks
[Pre-order RE] from CD Japan
[Pre-order LE] from CD Japan

Kalafina – The Best “Blue” Edition
RE (CD): SECL 1535 : LE (+BD): SECL 1532~3 | July 16, 2014
Best of Album
15 Tracks
[Pre-order RE] from CD Japan
[Pre-order LE] from CD Japan

thanks to random for the news!

9 responses

  1. listen says:

    are the songs in the cd in live version or having a new arrangement? if they are the same as
    those in the previous albums, honestly, it seems not worth buying the regular editions although I love the girls

  2. george1234 says:

    They will be the same songs as they were in their albums.

  3. Hayden K. says:

    Pleeeease tell me that the CDs will have an iTunes release . . . although if they don’t it won’t be too surprising since the original songs are likely already on iTunes themselves . . .

  4. Stanley says:

    I am VERY disappointed that they will have different track list, what a bullshit way of marketing.

  5. george1234 says:

    But its very cleaver on their end of the line:

    1) by including the new single’s songs inside the album instead will force the Aldnoah Zero fans to at least buy the Blue RE
    1.5) They get the aldnoah zero fans to meet with more Kalafina songs than just the OP.
    2) by having each of the new songs in different colour they force the fans to buy both
    3) by having totally different tracklist, they force the new Kalafina fans to buy both from either RE/LE
    4) by having different lives in each BD, they force Kalafina fans to buy both LEs

  6. skybluescramble says:

    does this mean that Heavenly blue and the untold new song will not be released as regular singles? I THINK I’LL CRY NOW.

  7. george1234 says:

    Yes that’s what it means. there would be no point in including them in the album if they were going to release a single.

  8. Kerahna says:

    this is so… evil XD
    make us buy both for two new songs!

  9. e22big says:

    No, they are not, the songs are COMPLETELY REARRANGED – although aside from being noticeably slower, there doesn’t seem to be significant different though

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