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Kalafina “moonfesta” PV CM & coverarts

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The TV CM for Kalafina’s new single moonfesta, has been spotted on YouTube! The single releases on July 18, 2012. The CM also shows at the end the coverarts of the single’s versions. They have been inspired by the setting of the Minna no Uta version of the PV (see previous newspost) which will be included into the Blu-ray disc of the Limited Edition w/BD. Enjoy!

Kalafina – moonfesta
SECL-1156 (Reg), SECL-1154 (LE+DVD), SECL-1154 (LE+BD) | July 18, 2012
3 (reg), 4 (lim) Tracks

Preorder moonfesta single:Regular EditionLE w/DVDLE w/Blu-Ray

thanks to wikki, peter, and rishi for the news!

[EDIT 12/06] The Kalafina Official Site has updated to promote the single, and now there’s featured a different segment of the PV. Also reports say that in today’s Kalafina Club radio show, they played the whole song.

Thanks to bbchan and Keiri for the info!

6 responses

  1. ninetales says:

    Anyone else notice they reused the Storia lights…and the trees, too, looks like? XD

  2. Clytia says:

    @ninetales Recycling, dude!! Our Kalafina girls are environmental friendly~! xD

    Back to the PV, somehow the owl catches my eye. LOL~ Overall, it’s a cute song. ^_^

  3. Pa’ahana says:

    Love love LOVE their dresses! =D =D =D

  4. Razgriz says:

    Hmmm Bright music… I could love this. ><

    Thanks for the info.

  5. nena says:

    very good song 🙂 !!! Lovin’ it 😀 !!

  6. aki says:

    the full version was also played on today’s Kalafina Club〜 :)

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