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FictionJunction new song 「distance」 & Kalafina moonfesta TV size


The Gundam Seed HD Remaster website announced that FictionJunction is going to sing a new song, titled 「distance」, used as Ending Theme for the anime . The song will debut on the episode airing June 22, 2012. It is not clarified yet if there will be a single or an album release for the song.

In other news, about a week ago, the Minna no Uta episode featuring Kalafina song moonfesta was broadcasted on TV. Enjoy!

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Lastly, the Opening and Ending Theme artists for the Sword Art Online anime, for which Yuki Kajiura composes the soundtrack, have been decided. The Opening (crossing field) will be by LiSa and the Ending (Yume no Sekai) by Haruka Tomatsu, so no Kalafina yet on SAO.

Thanks to Keiri and grunty for the FJ news, and elcazador for the moonfesta video!

4 responses

  1. Virgil says:

    Gundam Seed HD Remaster episode right now?

  2. george1234 says:

    If you check the anonuncement on the anime’s website it says June 22, I dunno which episode airs now, please correct mewhat I wrote is wrong.

  3. joel_jman says:

    PHASE 29…
    still in PHASE 23 \(o_o)

  4. HimeWakana says:

    OMG CUTE GIRLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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