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Kalafina will be guests at AFA 2012 in Malaysia



It has been announced by the Anime Festival Asia official Facebook account and
twitter that Kalafina are the last of the artists announced for this year’s Anime Festival Asia 2012 (AFA) hosted between June 9 and 10, 2012 in Malaysia~! This will be Kalafina’s first visit to this country. Other artists invited are FLOW, KOTOKO, Maon Kurosaki, and Sea☆A. Click to visit the AFA 2012 official site

Last year Kalafina were guest at the Anime Festival Asia 2011 hosted at Singapore, click to see the tracklist.

thanks to Tatsuma for the news!

13 responses

  1. aaa says:


  2. Ann says:

    …..last year it’s Singapore and now Malaysia.
    This is kinda a great blow for me, a normal(?) high-school student living in Indonesia…

    I believe this means next year Indonesia will have them? *w*
    Oh please please please!!

  3. Alarictay says:

    OMG!! congratz Malaysia! I live in SIngapore so i’m gonna take a rid there and watch them!! YAY
    *i want to see To The Beginning Live*!

  4. Adhara says:

    OMG finally !!!! Thanks god can be see Kalafina live !!

  5. george1234 says:

    @ aaa: Setlists are always secret till the day of the concert.

  6. Cerise says:

    OMG luckkkyyy Malaysian fans…come visit Australia sometime too!! We’re only a bit further down south!

  7. Shizu Iliya says:

    rrraaaahhh!! Kalafina x FLOW agaiiinnn!!! dt879 e5ug 9eiojierohi!! =3

  8. NagSolo says:

    @Ann,oww…u from Indonesia ? So I…

    To Indonesia please…. to Surakarta City….

    Alhamdulillah sesuatu….

  9. akarumi says:

    Kalafina go to Indonesia Please, and make an official channel on youtube are available in Indonesia

  10. cheng says:

    well!! i bought edi the vip ticket with rm168!! i cnt wait to see them!!

  11. Stanley says:

    I am seriously so happy to see that Kalafina is coming here, damn desperate ^^

  12. May in July says:

    Aaah?! Malaysiaa?! Huwaaaaa!! So near yet so faaar?! Will I be able to attend? I wanna gooo!! *crying on floor like the pitiful human existence she is*

  13. Adiey says:

    ^^ yeahhh!! i will going to see them with my own eyes!! OMG!!

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