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New FictionJunction song 「eternal blue」

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According to the PSP game Senritsu no Stratus‘s site FictionJunction is going to sing the opening theme for the game, composed by Yuki Kajiura. The song is titled eternal blue and you can hear a sample of it in the opening video of the game below. The game is produced by KONAMI.

Click to visit the game’s official site and here to see the JVC announcement.

Thanks to elcazador for the news!

16 responses

  1. Sorans says:

    FictionJunction <3

    Can't wait to listen to the full version !

  2. ZERO says:

    OMG!!!! LOVE!!

  3. murrue02 says:

    ohhh. .i love this. .album album please.

  4. Kagaribi says:

    Sacred Seven and now..Eternal Blue…>___<…I'm happy…!!!!

  5. many says:

    Does anyone know when the full version will be released?
    Sounds really great!

  6. george1234 says:

    @ Kagaribi: the other song is titled stone cold XD Sacred Seven is the anime’s name 🙂

    @ many: Either at a FictionJunction album that will follow the release of the stone cold single and/or at the game’s OST.

  7. chibi` says:

    Rly FictionJunction? It sounds so like Kalafina. Who performs the song? Like i said: I sounds very like Keiko x Wakana x Hikaru.

  8. george1234 says:

    FictionJunction consists of Yuuka (Nanri), Kaori (Oda), Wakana (Ootaki), Keiko (Kubota), Asuka (Kato), and 2 years ago was also added Yuriko (Kaida) who was doing chorus anyway. From these Yuuka sings only solo (FictionJunction YUUKA) and now she does a solo carrer as Yuuka Nanri, Kaori Oda has done solo songs in the past too (as FictionJunction KAORI) [dreamscape, english ver of Yume no tsubasa “tsubasa”, Hanamori no Oka, and she also performs for Sound Horizon band. Wakana only 1 song in japanese as solo (Hikari no Yukue from Hokuto no Ken (as FictionJunction WAKANA) and 3-4 more in kajiurago, while Keiko in Kaza no Macih e in Tsubasa Chornicle. Asuka is pretty not known to the public she she has only done “Everlasting song” for Elemental Gerad anime. All these were composed by Yuki Kajiura. When Yuki created Kalafina she took Wakana and Keiko and did them members and added Hikaru and Maya later. Maya was kicked out by Sony it seems so its now only the 3. When she gathered up FJ and did them group from solo singer, Wakana and Keiko were the same as in Kalafina, while Yuriko who is providing chorus for both groups joined in. Kaori has a voice close range to the voice of Hikaru but is different. THAT’s why its difficult to say the difference between the 2 groups ^^ more info:

  9. george1234 says:

    Oh and Hikaru’s and Kaori’s voice are easily tell apart: Kaori;s first song with Yuki, Aria

  10. chibi` says:

    Hm~ It’s very difficult to understand. I didn’t know, that there perform as a “band” under the name “FictionJuction”. I thought there were only “Solo-Projects” (Yuki + 1 Vocal). The live performances excluded.

    But thanks for explain 🙂

  11. george1234 says:

    Under the new scheme (after “Everlasting Songs” album) They perform mainly as group, to explain myself, in their singles, the a-side song is (until now) always by all (parallel hearts, toki no mukou maboroshi no sora, eternal blue (?) dunno about stone cold yet) [You just have to see the PVs to see what Im talking about – they are in Youtube for free uploaded by the official Flying Dog channel], while the b-side solo with chorus by everyone (hitomi no chikara – vo Yuuka, chorus the rest, nohara – vo Keiko chorus the rest. 🙂

  12. Alois says:

    another FJ song^^ Sounds really good. I hope it will be released soon.

  13. chibi` says:

    Hokay – it’s Yuki. It’s with Wakana & Keiko. So the name is not important. It’s sounds great. That’s important 🙂

  14. Razgriz says:

    Can’t wait anymore I want it now!!

  15. RexxarLoh says:

    I LOVE IT!!!!!! Another great song. =)

  16. Anny says:

    OMGG!!!!! I love this song!!! Can’t wait for full version!!! LOVE FJ!!!!

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