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Kajiura Radio Show Online (with full Fiction II songs)

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The first episode of Yuki Kajiura’s Fiction radio show is now available streaming online!
It updates weekly and I’m not sure if older episodes will be removed so it’s a good idea to listen in now by clicking here :D.

The 20-minute radio airs on FM NACK5 every Friday until April 1, and available for streaming online every Monday. Fans are encouraged to send in mail to be read during the show.

The songs played this week:

  • Forest
  • Image Theme of Xenosaga II (new recording)
  • Sweet Song
  • I Reach for the Sun
  • I Swear (new song)
  • maybe tomorrow

thanks to Yuki88 for the info!

[EDIT March 8] On other news, the official site of Yuki Kajiura on JVC has updated for Fiction II. Click here to see it. Try refreshing multiple times to discover the beautiful photos that are featured in its main page! 🙂

Thanks to grunty!

4 responses

  1. Rokkun says:

    Image Theme of Xenosaga II : Just. Beautiful.

    I want to hear the full version withouth Kajiura speaking xD I can’t wait to get the album !!

  2. Ficjo says:


  3. Kurosawa says:


  4. Razgriz says:

    Oh I can’t wait any longer…

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