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Kalafina/FJ Merchandise now available worldwide!


Hi guys, I got an awesome email from CDJapan with the news that they now sell a huge collection of Kalafina and FictionJunction merchandise from last year’s tour, including T-shirts, pamphlets, keychains, books, and other things previously only available from Space Craft Store (they only ship within Japan)! Now we can get them for the same price + shipping from CDJ :D.

They are selling out really fast (most items have less than 20 left and some are sold out) so I suggest you grab them ASAP!

The links below go to small size shirts, but larger ones are available on other pages

Kalafina T-shirts / Kalafina Kalafina T-shirts / KalafinaKalafina T-shirts / Kalafina

FictionJunction T-shirts / KalafinaFictionJunction T-shirts / KalafinaKalafina T-shirts / Kalafina

Kalafina – Kagayaku Sora Pin Badge – 762 yen
Kalafina Key Holder – 1714 yen
Kalafina Progressive Photo Album – 1905 yen
FictionJunction 3rd Anniversary Pamphlet – 2381 yen
Kalafina Red Moon Pamphlet – 2381 yen
Yuki Kajiura 3rd Anniversary Pamphlet Set – 4762 yen
Yuki Kajiura 3rd Anniversary Muffler/towel – 1429 yen
FictionJunction Phone Strap – 1238 yen
YK/FJ/Kalafina Clear Folder & Stickers – 571 yen
YK/FJ/Kalafina Vinyl Bag – 476 yen

2 responses

  1. My_Nick says:

    Oh, If I had money… TT__TT

  2. ransho~ says:

    I want the T-shirt~~~~but, Fiction II is more important. So maybe next time~

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