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Oblivious PV Preview?

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There is a short video clip for “Oblivious” at Sony’s Kalafina site, with new views of the Kalafina girls and some pretty animations. The video is 30 seconds long, and pans through near-still images of the vocalists with “Oblivious” playing in the background. Not sure if this is a preview of the full PV, or just a video promoting the single released earlier this year (as the main themes for the first three out of seven installments of Kara no Kyoukai). Thanks again to the amazing J. Uzuki for the discovery!

Click on the TV icon next to “Oblivious” to watch the video in a popup. I haven’t been able to open it with Firefox, but it works in IE.

3 responses

  1. naoise says:

    OO finally some more kalafina girls! I can’t wait until songs come out!

  2. zuiyon says:

    oooh great ! but I think it is a video promoting the single, because all the images of the singers are just photos on the official website or on the booklet of the single…aaahh it’s just a montage ! T__T

  3. george1234 says:

    Yes the are not “more” they are the same so naoise’s phase should be: OO finally some more of the same kalafina girls! I can’t wait until songs come out!

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