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Amatsuki ED (Yuki x Kaori Hikita) Preview

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As mentioned earlier this month, Yuki Kajiura will be composing the ending theme for the anime Amatsuki, with Kaori Hikita as the vocalist, titled Namae no Nai Michi. Today, the Amatsuki website posted a 1.5 minute preview video of the anime, with a song whose vocalist that sounds a lot like Kaori Hikita.

Examples of Kaori Hikita’s voice: Michiyuki and Egao no Wake.

The single is set for release on June 18, 2008.

[EDIT] This page confirms that the song in the preview is indeed Namae no Nai Michi, by Yuki Kajiura and Kaori Hikita!

7 responses

  1. naoise says:

    It absolutely must be her! or at the very least a doppleganger!

  2. george1234 says:

    Its definitely Yuki’s and Hikita’s song!

  3. Zuiyon says:

    OOooh T_T what a wonderful song, that’s Kaori that’s her voice !
    thanks kerahna for the news and this great sample xD !

  4. Ayashii says:

    Sooo… FictionJunction Kaori again?

  5. Kerahna says:

    FictionJunction Kaori is Kaori Oda, this is Kaori Hikita 🙂

    Yuki works with a lot of Kaoris XD there is also Kaori Nishina which does a lot of chorus singing ^_^

  6. Ayashii says:

    Lol! Daaaaaang how do you keep track of them? :)))))

  7. Zaki Itou says:

    It’s very good at the beginning of this song, but its refrain part was arranged not so well. I mean the melody of that part.

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