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FictionJunction UKATSU

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In Yuki’s post on February 16, she mentions “FictionJunction UKATSU”, a name we’ve never seen before! 😀 However, she doesn’t talk much about UKATSU, and instead focuses on how fragile the MacBook Air is.

In other news, she has ordered a new 8gb iPod nano, and likes the MacBook Air, but didn’t buy one. Her next single will be the last Mahou Sensei Negima TV Drama (live action) ending theme (KICM-3166), sung by Sara Wakatsuki and Mihoko Kondo who play Asuna and Kazumi. The single will be released on March 26, 2008.

[EDIT]ROFL okay so we just got PWNED. Ukatsu no exist. Ukatsu mean mistake. I hope you guys at had a good laugh 😉 I suspected the announcement of a new singer wouldn’t be so subtle >_<

3 responses

  1. naoise says:

    woot! a new FictionJunction singer, I cant wait to hear her!

  2. zuiyon says:

    Yay !! so many new singers >_<
    woot (me too) I want to hear all of them !!

  3. george1234 says:

    They are surely great news. Especially the one with FJ UKATSU ( I wonder if it was difficult for Yuki to decide in which project to put that new girl – Kalafina or FJ -, or make a whole new project just for her )
    That the next single Mahou Sensei Negima TV Drama (live action) ending theme (KICM-3166) will be released so soon (in one month and 7 days) means that all this time Yuki was composing that song without telling us nothing.

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