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Kalafina Site Update…New Members?

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Zuiyon pointed out that the Kalafina website now has a Flash version, with a lot more pages. It introduces what looks like two new singers to the project (none of them seem to have names). Other features include a guestbook, mobile access links/downloads, and more photos of the special edition box. Interestingly, the discography page has several tabs, including “single”, “album”, “SA-CD”, and “Video”. This means that we can expect them to make all of these some time in the future! 😀 Strangely, the special edition “Oblivious” CD is filed under “album” rather than “single”, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a real album planned, right? 😉 Well there is always the Videos to look forward to as well ^_^

2 responses

  1. naoise says:

    Nice site design, I really hope there IS an album coming out soon (:.

  2. zuiyon says:

    yeah I’m waiting for their first clip !

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