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Yuki Appearance in Australia, those lucky bums

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Eminence, a contemporary orchestra, is holding two shows of A Night In Fantasia 2007: Anime Edition on Sunday November 18, 2007 at Sir John Clancy Auditorium in Sydney, Australia. Lots of Yuki music will be played, and the goddess herself is going to be there. And so to spite them for doing this in the wrong hemisphere, i hotlink their sexy photo of Yuki >: )

3 responses

  1. naoise says:

    Oh wow, a photo of Yuki which actually shows her face! How rare!

    I wish I was in Australia right now, I wonder if they know just how lucky they are.

  2. george1234 says:

    Holy **** ! Why she is NEVER coming to Europe? Did she hated it for her childhood years? – I cant find any other reason.

    If she come to Europe someday ( probably UK or Germany)
    I will send my brother to the first country and Dai – kun to the second to videotape her appearance.

  3. Daphné says:

    Where can I find their photos, please ?

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