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Finally a new blog post by Yuki!! It’s been over two months. She is revamping her site, and has removed several links from her front page.

<<the deleted links>> (the pages still exist..partially)
+bbs+ due to it having become “spam heaven” as she puts it
+bookshelf+ the link was broken for a while. our attempt at translation here. Archive here.
+link+ we have more links than that page anyways 😉

She is hoping to get a new script for the bbs, and have it restored soon 🙂 We expect the other links to be back soon as well.

In addition, she has updated her front page and blog with information about Kara no Kyoukai, confirming that she will be writing the music for all seven movies! Her blog has also listed the first three release dates as December 1 2007, December 29 2007, and January 26 2008 (all Saturdays).

The NHK e-store page for Sekai Satoyama Kikou DVD box is working now, but the price there seems to be much higher than Amazon‘s.

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  1. naoise says:

    <p>It’s a shame we won’t be able to see what she has been reading anymore.</p>

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