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Text Interviews » Kalafina Magia Jpcul Interview

Translation of Jpcul Magia Interview. Thanks to missjasminnn for the translation!

If I’m not mistaken, this is the first interview for MAGIA, the ending theme for the currently broadcasting TV anime MAHOU SHOUJO MADOKA☆MAGIA., which will be released by Kalafina, a 3 person group.

They are energetic live, and in the spring of this year they decided to have their live tour in 4 different locations.

–By the way, I’d like to hear your thoughts about your live show at Tokushima’s Machi★Asobi, which was your first time entertaining outdoors, wasn’t it?

Keiko: I went through many “anti-cold measures” as possible and went. We started in the evening when the day was getting dark……and because it was outdoors, there wasn’t much direction such as the illumination unlike usual live broadcasting. It was a very fresh experience and it was a good situation that I was able to sing outdoors. As for Tokushima, all of you were warm and I think if I went for the first time, I would have not been able to have a good time in the hour.

Wakana: I had been nervous. I think that if my heart became loose, the warm live broadcasting would not have been possible. The people’s cheering rose, I guess there’s no way everyone didn’t enjoy it. Air is only unique to the outdoors, so it was in the live broadcasting that I was able to feel it.

Hikaru: I bought both a coat and a set of gloves because I went with a long skirt and thought the protection against the cold was perfect; it was very cold (lol). because I heard that everyone watched the last chapter of Kara no Kyoukai, in the live broadcasting I felt that I sang a song with a story full of feelings.

–Last year, there was an overseas tour, right?

Wakana: In our live overseas, I was able to share the same feelings with music, with people around the world. the thought of fans waiting for Kalafina and studying Japanese makes me so happy. Even if the words don’t come, I talk with music, in which during our live performance, we communicate the same and I am happy that it is transmitted to people overseas.

Keiko: When I went overseas, the first shout of joy breaks out when I sing a theme of Kara no Kyoukai. the power of anime is great and I was surprised that they knew so much about the anime. I was in Taipei in December, when we had just released our second album and I was happy to hear Kalafina’s music there and I was encouraged.

Hikaru: There are people who even sang along our Japanese performance and it is a great feeling to have our overseas fans sing together. When I was singing the last chorus of the song during the encore, I was overwhelmed. I was happy with the reactions of holding a performance locally.

–The music of Ms. Kajiura is accepted around the world, right?

Wakana: Ms. Kajiura’s music is very difficult, right? The music is in no way compromised because it is made delicately and i even feel the difficulties. By understanding the feelings of Ms. Kajiura, I think we, also, can understand the world of music. 3 people(we) can change an opinion about the music, so it sometimes is troubling singing a chorus. Even though we have troubles, they are pleasant problems.

Keiko: In the beginning, I was troubled by the view of the world by Ms. Kajiura. But I try to sing and have fun and always wonder: what kind of song will the next be like? and wait for it. It is difficult to be able to express and to sing better than the CD in performances, it’s a struggle, and will be a challenge for myself as far as I sing music. I think that 3 people’s(our) voices are fun and have the power to change the feeling of a song at once.

Hikaru: When I sing, I see a scenery. I’d often see things in reality and when I do a music piece of Ms. Kajiura’s, the colorful world of imagination comes into view, clear and ambiguous. I can easily see the scenery as I do a song, and I’ve always found the colors to be strong. while also looking at myself, I wish to incorporate the representations of people who have seen us evolve.

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