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Text Interviews » Kalafina Special Interview in ANIMONSTER Feb 2012


This is an interview from a Indonesian J-culture magazine during Kalafina’s visit to Singapore for AFA 2011.

―The three of you are known as anisong singer, particularly for Kara no Kyoukai anime. Do you like anime on your own? What anime do you like and what title do you recently watch?
[The girls’ expression became cheerful when talking about anime/manga)
Wakana: I like all by Studio Ghibli.
Keiko: Since then until now, One Piece! But the anime I recently follow is Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica. I really enjoy it.
Hikaru: I’m a big fan of the majority of CLAMP’s works!

―Since Hikaru is a fans of CLAMP, do you know about their new project, BLOOD-C? Have you watched it?
Hikaru: Yes, I know about it but I haven’t had the time to watch it. I will watch it when the DVD is released.

―Besides anime, do you also like reading manga?
Wakana: I really love manga! Lately, I like Slam Dunk! I’m really impressed by one of the character, Hanamichi (Sakuragi lol), with his power and never-give-up feeling. I’m really happy because Hanamichi has been scoring a lot lately. [When Animonster asked whether Wakana read it repeatedly, she replied, “Of course, You can say… Slam Dunk is currently number one manga for me *laugh*”].
Keiko: In Japan, the latest One Piece was just released! [Animonster and the other two Kalafina members laughed because Keiko really loves everything about One Piece].
Hikaru: I usually like reading shoujo manga, and related to romance. But i pick story that is unique, different from the usual romance theme. I recommend you to read Kimi ni Todoke!

―With your current activities, do you still have time to read manga or watching anime?

Wakana: I’m very relaxed person, so I don’t feel the burden of work and everytime is like free time for me. So I can read or watch any time.

―Manga and Anime, which one do you like more?
[Kalafina girls looking at each other, “Hm.. Both” while laughing].
Keiko: It’s hard to pick either one because manga and anime has each uniqueness. We have hard time to pick one. For me, I read the manga first, then watch the anime.

―And I assume that’s One Piece, right?
Keiko: *laugh* Correct!

―After releaseing the album After Eden, do you have any plan to release a new single?
Hikaru: Currently we have no plan or schedule for it because for now we’re more focused on live performance activity and schedule.

―This is special question for Wakana. I heard you have ability to mime sentences from anime especially Studio Ghibli’s anime. Can you give an example?
[Keiko laughed when she heard the question]
Wakana: From the movie Laputa, there was a characted named Sheeta. I love a scene where she told Pazu *while imitating Sheeta’s voice* “I will throw this stone to the sea!” The bad guys were fighting over the stone. I do have a lot of sentences, but for today I only quoted this one.

―Next question is about your stage costumes. Your costumes are identified with gothic style. Who designs your costumes?
Keiko: We design them together with the stylist and our producer, Kajiura-san, to create a costume that fit the image of our new song. Our stylist then creates the whole costumes. There’s one aspect in our costume that becomes Kalafina’s trademark, that is European-style corsage.

―Regarding Yuki Kajiura. How is your relationship with her? What do you think of Yuki Kajiura?
Wakana: She is a great producer. She also has high standards. Under her guidance, we become much better, strengthening our group’s presence and quality.
Keiko: Every of our activities, from song producing, recording, to promoting, are organized by Kajiura-san.

―Do you know that there are a lot of Kalafina fans in Indonesia? Do you want to hold a concert in Indonesia one day?
Wakana: We have no plan for now but we wish someday we can visit and meet all of our fans in Indonesia.

―Please deliver a short message to anime/manga lovers and also Kalafina fans in Indonesia!
Keiko: We wish we can see you soon, even more since we have never been to Indonesia. (I’m sure) our visit will be fun. We will also try our best to create a song that makes everyone can enjoy it, especially for you anime lovers.

-Message on the signatures-
Keiko: I’ll do my best so Kalafina’s music could be accepted by Indonesian fans!
Wakana: I can’t wait to meet everyone of you!
Hikaru: I wish you can be happy with Kalafina’s music.

Translation by Yuki88

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