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Text Interviews » Kalafina AniMagic Interview (Japan Lifestyle)


This is a translation of an interview found inside the French magazine “Japan Lifestyle” issue #25. The Interview was taken while the girls had visited Bonn for the AniMagic Convention in 2012.

Translation from French: FxMacCobra. English text correction: george1234.

Artist: Kalafina
Article Title: Perfume of Eden
Interviewed by: Julien Mecchi
Published in Japan Lifestyle #25

Keiko, Wakana and Hikaru, the three members of Kalafina, performed a live for the first time in Europe last July during the AnimagiC convention at Bonn, Germany. First European interview of those young women from whom the voices are definitely associated to your favorites Japanese anime.

An amazing combination of ethereal melodies and pop sounds, the music from Kalafina has seduced many people since the beginning of the band in 2008 above the original soundtrack of the animated film series “Kara no Kyoukai” (“The garden of sinners” distributed by Kazé in France and Germany).

The chosen of the talented composer and producer Yuki Kajiura since that moment have continuously performed for many titles of animated series like “Black Butler” I and II, “Puella Magia Madoka Magica” or the recent “Fate/Zero”. With no less than three albums, those singers do not stop catching new fans. And the French music lovers could be on the count too as some rumors are talking about the availability of their albums in our country soon. To be continued…


Your lives at the AnimagiC convention at Bonn (Germany) during last summer make a great impression for your first venue in Europe. What is your feeling about them ?

Wakana: I was really surprised by the landscapes! The city of Bonn as the around forests remember me the animated films of the Ghibli studio. In a shop, I even found a wonderful magnet with a beer mug and a sausage! (Laugh)

Keiko: I think it was great we were in the birthplace city of BEETHOVEN! I was able to visit his house. Bonn is a really romantic town. I found some beautiful postcards and get original Haribo (candies originally created at Bonn) !

Hikaru: I come from the North of Japan; I found the weather and the temperatures in Germany quite similar from the ones of my region. The food was great. I wish I was able to come back !

Do you consider performing a live tour in Europe ?

Wakana: We have enjoyed performing at AnimagiC and we expect to come back in Europe. I want to go in France and discover its museums and its paintings but I want also to go in Austria because of its classical music.

Keiko: I want to come back and perform a live tour in Europe but this time by train! I have been really amazed by the European train I saw… Personally, I want to discover Italia because of the fans who are told to be passionate !

Hikaru: I am interested by going to Switzerland; from my point of view, the beauty of the landscapes there corresponds to the music from Kalafina.

Who is, for you, the most notable female artist ?

Wakana: Celine DION ! She sings in french, you should probably know well about her… (Laugh)

Hikaru: Probably Beyonce.

Keiko: Hum… I think it is Madonna!

What is your last favorite music artist ?

Wakana: Spitz, a J-Rock band I like very much.

Lady Gaga!

Hikaru: Currently, I am listening rock and metal bands thanks to the japanese TV show “RockCity”.

Could you explain us your methodology of working ?…

Keiko: Our writing process is different whether the title is supposed to become a single or to be a part of an album. If the song is destinated for an animated series, Yuki Kajiura realized different variation of a same melody and we realize many voice tries to find out which is the best one for the animated series. If we are working on an album, we discuss a lot with Yuki in the way to find out the best song to add !

What does it mean to work on the opening/ending of animated series ?

Keiko: When we start working for an animated series, we did not see it before or read its entire script. We must work with the few data given to us and use our imagination! It is interesting to see the moment when the music and the universe of the series meet each other.

By the way, how would you describe your last album “After Eden” ?

Wakana: Our first album melt different kinds of songs and consequently it is a good introduction to Kalafina’s music. The second one was more gothic and fantastic. I think “After Eden” represents well what is Kalafina’s music today, with all our influences.

What does the word “Eden” mean for you ?

Wakana:For me, it is when I am watching a film from the Ghibli Studios !

Keiko: Chocolate !

Hikaru: To dream.

Kalafina’s music seems to be connected with anime. What’s you favourite female anime character?

Wakana: The MIYAZAKI’s characters like Nausica or Kiki. I like San from “Monoke Princess” too.

Keiko: Boa Hancock from “One Piece”

Hikaru:Sakura from the manga “Card Captor Sakura”

Your song “Kagayaku sora no shijima ni wa” is used as an ending of the season 2 of the “Black Butler” animated series. Which character do you feel closer to ?

Keiko: Sebastian! It is really great.

Wakana: Tanaka.

Hikaru: Ciel, the main character !

What was the best proof of affection from your fans ?

Wakana: Each time we are on tour, in Japan or somewhere else, we receive a lot of fan-books and letters. When I think about all the time past on and the efforts done by the fans to realize those presents, I feel really pleased. And even if we do not get present, to know people are listening to our music is already a great gift by itself.

Complete the following sentence : “To the beginning…” (main theme of the season 2 of “Fate/Zero” animated series)

Keiko: At the beginning, we were one and now we are three : Kalafina!

Hikaru: It is the beginning…of the end! (Laugh)

Wakana: “At the beginning…” In true, it is a constant rebirth. I imagine myself in different places, at different moment in time, and each time I am singing songs!

What did you feel when the three disasters hit Japan in 2011 ?

Wakana: When the earthquake happened, I was at home. At this time, we had to perform a live tour in the whole Japan and I was wondering what it would happen. But the fans were fantastic and it was a great pleasure to meet them again after that horrible moment.

Keiko: I was outside when the earthquake happened. There was a lot of people around me at this moment and we helped each other. It was really scary but I am convinced that it makes the japanese be closer to each other and to their relatives. I will never forget that moment !

Hikaru:(in tears) Few month before, there had been an earthquake in New-Zealand and a lot of japanese was there. This really made me feel sad and while I had been thinking to those people the same things happened in Japan. We could never forget this disaster !

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