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Text Interviews » Japan Lifestyle 34: Kalafina

This is an interview from Japan Lifestyle n°34. Thanks to FxMacCobra and LunaChan for translating! This first translation is FxMacCobra‘s.

Wakana, Keiko and Hikaru, the three members of Kalafina, were at Japan Expo for an exceptional showcase.
Interview performed by CARLA CINO.

Kalafina is greatly loved in whole Europe. Should we say « welcome » or « welcome back » to you ?
Keiko : « Welcome » (laugh) ! We are really happy to come in France because since the beginning of the band it has been a kind of dream. We have always been close to some aspect of Europe, through our costumes and because our producer lived in Germany.

You have been talking about your costumes. Each time we meet you, you come back more amazing than before. Do you say your word about that ? Who is in charge of that point ?
Wakana : You are right. For each song there is an associated stage outfit. On high speed songs, our costumes must reflect the idea of powerful but with style, unlike the ballads are represented with long dresses. About our today costumes, they have been realized specially for the show we are going to perform in Paris.

Would you mind telling us a little bit about the ones you wear for « Consolation » ?
Hikaru : The most representative costume of this album is the one we wear on the music video of the song « Yume no daichi ». But in generally, all our outfits reflect an image of elegance.

May this research for « elegance » be bound with the fact you became more mature ?
Keiko : Of course it is. On one hand, we follow the tendencies but the most important thing is Kalafina has kept going for 6 years and half. By consequently, it is natural that each year the band becomes more and more elegant.

If you have to define Kalafina with 5 words, which ones will you choose ?
Keiko : We have always been singing in harmony. By consequently, « harmony » is the first that comes in mind.
Wakana : 3 voices, 3 women. The number « 3 » is also important.
Hikaru : I think the word « live » is important too. We love to make stage performances and it has always been the opportunity to show us (to our audience).
Keiko : « Works ». In regards to the great number of songs we have performed until now.
Hikaru : As we keep on releasing CDs and performing lives without interruption, maybe « continuation » could be the last word.

You choose the word « live ». So do you define yourself more as live artists or studio recording artists ?
Hikaru : Both live and studio recording are important. In both cases, we work to sing in harmony. At the end, the most important thing is how our fans have the possibility to listen to us or in which manner they prefer to listen to us.

Is there a most important moment in your career ?
Wakana : On one hand, there is the release of our double « Best­of » in July. They pass in revue our whole career. On the other hand, for me the most important moment was the release of our first single because it is my debut as a Kalafina member. Each time I sing this song it is like I come back to my origins.
Keiko : For me it is our first Japan live tour. A live tour give us the possibility to meet a great number of people. But with this one, I was able to take a look back and strenghen myself.
Hikaru : Today I live in Tôkyô but I come from Toyama. So I was really happy when I performed for the first time there.

You made your debut 6 years ago. If we would meet you again in 6 years, what should you have done in the while ?
Keiko : In 6 years, our goal is to keep on singing and to travel all around the world.

That’s all.
Kalafina : Thank you.

Thanks to LunaChan for translating this version!

Journalist: Kalafina is extremely popular in Europe. Shall we say “welcome” or “welcome back”?

Keiko: Welcome (laugh)! We are very pleased to come in France, because since our debuts it was a sort of dream. We always have been close to a certain image of Europe, with our costumes and also our producer who have lived in Germany.

J: You talked about your costumes. In every comeback you’re more spectacular. Are you entitled to your say, or who does take this in charge?

Wakana: You’re right, every work has its own stage outfit. On fast songs, outfits should project an image of power and style, while in case of ballads we bet on long dresses. About the costumes we’re wearing today, they have been especially created for the live we’re gonna give in Paris.

J: Can you tell us more about your Consolation dresses?

Hikaru: The outfit that has the strongest image is the one we wear for “Yume no Daichi”. But as a rule, all of our recent outfits show an image of elegance.

J: This sought after elegance, can we say this is in relation with the fact that you’ve become more mature?

Keiko: Of course, we partly follow trends but the most important is, Kalafina exists since six years and a half. It is natural that, over the years, our group become more and more elegant.

J: If you should define Kalafina with five words, what would you say?

Keiko: We always are three singing in harmony. So, “harmony”. This word is the first showing up in my mind.
Three girls, Three voices. Number “3” is also important.
There’s also the word “live“. We love to sing on stage, and this is always a chance to be seen.
“Work”, thinking to all the songs we had the chance to sing.
The fact that we continued, without any break, to release CDs and making lives. Maybe the word “continuation” would be the last.

J: Precisely, one of your keywords is “live”. Are you rather “live artists” or “studio artists”?

Hikaru: For us, studio recordings are as important as lives. In either case, our goal is the same: singing us three in harmony. Then, it depends how our fans prefer or have the opportunity to listen to us.

J: Did you have a moment when things fell/clicked into place?

Wakana: First, there’s a double album, a best of, released on the July 16th that enable to trace the six first years of Kalafina’s career. But for me, what did change it all really is the first single that marked the beginning of my career as Kalafina. Even today, listen to it or perform it is like find my roots again.
Keiko: I’d say the first time we performed a national tour in Japan. A tour is the opportunity to meet utmost people. It allowed me to question and improve myself.
Hikaru: I’m currently living in Tokyo, but I come from Toyama. So, the first time we gave a concert there was very important, because I came back home.

J: You started your career six years ago. If we meet again in six years, what would you like to have achieved in the meantime?
Keiko: In six years, the objective is to continue to sing and travel in the whole world.

J: That’s all we’re wishing for you…
Thank you!

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