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Text Interviews » Japan Lifestyle 34: Consolation Deciphered by Kalafina

This article is from Japan LifeStyle n°34. Thanks to FxMacCobra and LunaChan for translating! This first translation is FxMacCobra‘s:

Consolation deciphered by Kalafina

If in July Kalafina releases a double Best­of album, the last studio recorded album – Consolation – has just arrived in France during this summer. We ask to the band to take a look back on the songs of the album and on their feelings on each one.
Interview performed by VIKY

« al fine » what do you do at the end of the day ?
Wakana : I take a bath and get relax.
Keiko : I put my iPhone close to my bed and I fall asleep by listening to jazz or classical musics.
Hikaru : I read a book.

« consolation », How do you get up after a deception ?
Wakana : I watch movies, try to see some friends and get some fun to forget.
Keiko : I stay in a calm place and I eat some delicious decies.
Hikaru : I resolve puzzle games or I read manga.

« moonfesta », What is for you a successful party ?
Wakana : After each of our live, all the team goes together, makes fiesta and drink happily.
Keiko : I used to not to drink a lot. That’s why I prefer disguised parties.
Hikaru : Every year, I celebrate my birthday with my family. But the best are the parties inrelation with some special events like Christmas or birthday.

« Door », If there are 3 doors in front of you, which one will you choose ?
Wakana : The door 2 which would open upon the cosmos
Keiko : For me, if there is France behind one of them I will be happy
Hikaru : The one leading to my bed.

« Mirai », what are your next projects ?
Wakana : On the 16th of July, we are realesing our two best albums. Our wish is to keep on singing as long as possible.
Keiko : Of course, it is important for us to keep on singing but we also want to keep on having fun, live new experiences and never loose this feeling of pleasure.
Hikaru : Come back in France for another live performance.

« Hanabata », what is your favorite flower ?
Wakana : the dahlia
Keiko : the rose

« obbligato », what do you have to do you think hard to handle with ?
Wakana : To wake up the morning
Keiko : When I eat something that is bitter and I am told that tastes good or it is healthy.
Hikaru : I suffer from vertigo and here (in the place where the interview is performed there are large glass panel) I cannot go near the windows.

« Kiichigo no Shigemi », what is your favourite fruit ?
Wakana : Mango

« Manten », what is your favourite landscape ?
Keiko : the sky because it is vast

« Hikari Furu », What is your favourite moment of the day ?

Wakana : the sunset because I like the sky too and I love the picture of the sun hiding itself behind the clouds.

« Yume no Daichi », What is your recurring dream ?
Keiko : Dreams where I am fighting ! I really want to know what I perform such dreams like that ! In general, it happens in the past.

NB : the interview was done in French and translate into japanese by Mr Teppei TAKEHANA.Maybe it is the reason why some answers seem strange regarding to the question.

And LunaChan‘s translation:

Journalist: “al fine”, what do you do at the end of the day?

Wakana: I take a bath and relax.
Keiko: I put my iPhone next to my bed and I fall asleep listening to Jazz or Classical music.
Hikaru: I read a book.

J: “consolation”, how do you console yourself after a disappointment?

Wakana: I watch movies, meet my friends, and try to have fun in order to forget.
By being in a quiet place and eating something delicious.
By solving puzzles or reading mangas.

J: “moonfesta”, for you, what is a successful party?

Wakana: After each concert, the whole team of Kalafina get together, party, and drink joyfully.
Keiko: I don’t drink much, so I prefer dress up parties.
Hikaru: Every year, I celebrate my birthday with my family. But the best ones still are parties in relation with events like Christmas or birthdays.

J: “Door”, if there are three doors in front of you, which one would you choose?

Wakana: For me, the door n°2 which opens towards the cosmos.
Keiko: For me, if there was France behind one of them I would be very happy.
Hikaru: The one leading to the bed of my room.

J: “Mirai”, what are your future projects?

Wakana: On July 16th in Japan, we’ll release two best albums. Our objective being to sing, I hope we’ll continue to sing for a long time.
Keiko: Of course, the most important thing is to continue singing, but also continue to have fun, live new experiences, and have this feeling of pleasure.
Hikaru: Come back to France, and give another concert.

J: “Hanataba”, which flower do you prefer?

Wakana: The dahlia.
Keiko: The rose.

J: “obbligato”, what do you must to do, that you find annoying?

Wakana: Get out of my bed in the morning.
Keiko: When I eat something bitter, and that someone told me it was good, or healthy.
Hikaru: I’m scared of heights, and here (on the interview location were larges bay windows), I can’t get close of windows.

J: “Kiichigo no Shigemi”, what’s your favorite fruit?

Wakana: Mango.

J: “Manten”, your favorite landscape?

Keiko: The sky, because it’s vast.

J: “to the beginning”, your best memory since your debuts?

Hikaru: To have been chosen as a member of Kalafina.

J: “Hikari Furu”, what is your favorite moment of the day?

Wakana: The sunset, because I like the sky too, and I love to see this image of the sun hiding behind the clouds.

J: “Yume no Daichi”, your recurrent dream?

Keiko: Dreams where I fight! I wonder why I’m dreaming this kind of dreams. Usually, it takes place in an old time.

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