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Text Interviews » ANIMELAND 193: Four Questions to Kalafina


This short Q&A is from Animeland 193. You can see the original French version here. Thanks to Daiima for translating!

4 Questions to Kalafina

Tell us about how you met.
Wakana: Kalafina has been created by Yuki Kajiura (composer for Noir or .hack//sign, editor’s note). She was looking for singers to personify her tracks on stage. All the three of us have been selected through auditions. Before Kalafina, we didn’t know each other. We met Hikaru at the selections. Keiko and me had already met ourselves because we work under the same management.

How did the name of your band, Kalafina, has been chosen?
Keiko: The name of Kalafina has been found by Yuki Kajiura. It has no special meaning. Even its writing changes: written in kanji in Asia, and in romaji everywhere else in the world. How it sounds is the most important.

How would you describe the Kalafina style?
Hikaru: Kalafina is a mix between several musical styles. The harmony of the band comes from the mix of our three voices. Wakana’s voice is made to sing classical music, whereas Keiko sings in a low register and can’t rise in acute. As for me, I have a typical J-pop voice, which some people describe as pure. Fortunately, it fits to Kalafina, because I wouldn’t be able to sing rock for example! (laughs)

What can we wish you in the future?
Wakana: Just to keep singing for as many fans as possible, for as many years as possible.

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