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Text Interviews » Kalafina and Yuki Kajiura Talk with Anime Dream

Interview originally posted on Anime Dream.

The first question is for Hikaru-san. In a recent interview, you described the feel of the other two members in colors: Wakana being gold or beige and Keiko being purple or black. What color describes you?
Hikaru: I usually wear a bluish dress at concerts, when it comes to the show. But inside I am various colors, including green and orange.

In your first panel, you all mentioned that you record separately. When you come together to rehearse for live performances, do you find it more difficult to get ready?
Wakana: We do have to really practice hard, so that our live performances match what you listen to on the CD.

Now that you’ve performed in the United States and, I loved your concert by the way,
Hikaru: Thank you!
What is your impression of American fans?
Keiko: Very warm.
Wakana: We felt very happy to see a warm audience from the stage, as well. We feel simply, just happy and welcome. It’s a very good impression.

A question for all of you. Do you have a favorite Japanese musician?
Keiko: Yutaka Ozaki.
Hikaru: Dreams Come True.
Wakana: (laughs) Spitz. I really like the whole world view that they have – the special vibe that they create, that I often listen to.
Kajiura: Kuranbon. It’s a very unique style of music.

Which song have you performed that you feel is most like you?
Keiko: Ongaku.
Hikaru: Aria.
Wakana: Love Come Down. I think that we’re able to really express what we’re really good at through it. It’s enjoyable for all three of us, to perform that song.

I have a question for Keiko and Wakana. Previously, you two worked with Kajiura-san with FictionJunction. What about working with Kajiura-san did you enjoy most?
Keiko: It’s very fun and also I appreciate that she’s providing us tasks, in order to grow as artists. That’s definitely one of the things… it’s fun!
Wakana: She provides us with a view on things, and all sorts of stuff that we don’t know. She adapts it into the music so that things are really fun and challenging at the same time.

A question for Keiko-san: you mentioned in the panels that you like Pink. Have you thought of, or would you like to sing rock music?
Keiko: Don’t you think our music has kind of a rock feel to it? (laughs)
Anime Dream: Love Come Down does, for sure. [Ed. note: I actually had “Mata Kaze ga Tsuyoku natta” in mind, but mistakenly said “Love Come Down,” which is more like a eurobeat pop number, but does have a bit of a rock flavor infused. Oops!]
Keiko: I can’t really specify if I’d call our material rock, or any other kind of genre of music. Kajiura-san provides us with what we really want to be performing. Individually, we add our own sort of unique style to a song. So, we really can’t specify what kind of genres we really play, because the music Kajiura-san provides us is a mixture of all these kinds of music together.

My remaining questions are for Kajiura-san. I read that you started the Kalafina group with Wakana and Keiko. What made you choose those two to begin with?
Kajiura: Through an audition. All three were all chosen through audition, actually.

Do you have a favorite musical instrument – one that you like to use most in your music?
Kajiura: Fiddle. I would definitely like to collaborate with a fiddler. I’ve never worked with someone that’s actually a professional of that specific instrument, so I’m definitely looking forward to working with someone who’s a master of the fiddle.

You said that you did the Garden of Sinners music after reading the book. Did you have any other books in mind while making that music, or did you focus on the feeling that came from the Garden of Sinners book?
Kajiura: Nothing from any other novels. The Garden of Sinners itself has such an original vibe to it — a true art expression that overflowed into music. So, nothing else.

Do any of you have a message for your fans?
Kalafina & Yuki Kajiura: Thank you for all of you who have been supporting us. And for those of us who have heard of us through this interview, we hope that you become interested in our work as well, and we’ll continue doing our own thing. Thanks for all of your support!

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