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Official » Kalafina – far on the water Vocal Score


ISBN 9784636910568 | 2015
Vocal Score
13 Track on 148 Pages
Dimension: 29.7 x 22.8
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Music: Yuki Kajiura
Lyrics: Yuki Kajiura
Arrangement: Yuki Kajiura

Note: Contains vocal scores for all the songs of the Kalafina “far on the water” album as well as official kajiurago lyrics


  1. into the water (1m37s)
  2. Monochrome (3m32s)
  3. Gogatsu no mahou 「五月の魔法」 (5m14s)
  4. ring your bell (5m14s)
  5. Usumurasaki 「うすむらさき」 (5m10s)
  6. Identify (4m26s)
  7. Hokage 「灯影」 (3m09s)
  8. One Light (4m40s)
  9. Musunde Hiraku 「むすんでひらく」 (5m19s)
  10. heavenly blue (5m20s)
  11. sorairo no isu 「空色の椅子」 (3m18s)
  12. believe (4m49s)
  13. far on the water (4m31s)
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