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Merchandise » Eureka – Yuki Kajiura: Poetics of Fiction making


ISBN978-4-7917-0297-8 | October 26, 2015
229 Pages
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Publisher: Seidosha [Book page]
Product Dimensions: 8.7 x 5.6 x 0.5 inches
Language: Japanese

Note: Magazine featuring a Yuki Kajiura long interview, a Kalafina one as well as opinions of numerous music specialists about Yuki Kajiura’s music. The book covers all of Yuki Kajiura’s career and her See-Saw times.


  1. long interview with kajiura (interviewer Ida Kazushi)
  2. hanging gardens of voice and poem
  3. mail interview with Kalafina (interviewer Ida Kazushi)
  4. music as scripture
  5. Kajiura linguistic problems
  6. anaphora called “soundtrack”
  7. the story starts sounding

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