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Kalafina “Consolation” Special LIVE 2013 » Black T-Shirt


Product Details

Title: Black T-Shirt
Catalogue No.: SC-KL153-156 | 2013
Price: ¥3000 (tax-incl.) ¥2778 (tax-excl.)

  • S: 66cm (length), 49cm (width), 44cm (sleeve width), 19cm (sleeve length)
  • M: 70cm (length), 52cm (width), 47cm (sleeve width), 20cm (sleeve length)
  • L: 74cm (length), 55cm (width), 50cm (sleeve width), 22cm (sleeve length)
  • XL: 78cm (length), 58cm (width), 53cm (sleeve width), 24cm (sleeve length)

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