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We can’t let you have any of Yuki’s soundtracks, but we will put here unreleased tracks and tidbits that hopefully aren’t so illegal :) They are a good sample of Yuki’s music for people who haven’t heard it before, but I doubt anyone visiting this site is in that position!

Visit our Fan Works section for fan-made performances and rearrangements!

Yuki Kajiura Sample Pack

On her old website, Yuki Kajiura had posted some sample music for download, which did not survive the move to the new site at The package can be downloaded below, and contains old unpublished music with the distinct Yuki style!

Download – 37.7MB

Xenosaga: A Missing Year Soundtrack

A year passes between the events of Xenosaga II and Xenosaga III. To fill in the gap, Namco released a series of flash movies with its own music (by Yuki Kajiura). Unfortunately this music was never released on CD, so we don’t get to hear a good quality version of the songs including a vocal song with Emily Bindiger. The good news is, we should be able to download it legally and without guilt :) Verdant Studios has ripped the flash videos from Namco’s site, translated two of the episodes, and even ripped the soundtrack.

Download – 12.4MB | Mirror

Xenosaga III: Unreleased Tracks

Xenosaga III was full of epic music, and only a fraction was selected to be in the official soundtrack! This is a problem because the game was also programmed such that the music and sound effects volumes were not only not adjustable, but very unbalanced. In order to hear the music clearly, the sound effects were deafening! The music from the game itself has been ripped, and is available for download below in six parts. Thanks a lot to J. Uzuki for uploading, and we hope Yuki doesn’t mind!

Download Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

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