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Lyrics & Song Info » The battle is to the strong


Music: Yuki Kajiura
Lyrics: Yuki Kajiura
Arrangement: Yuki Kajiura
Vocals: Hanae Tomaru (original), FictionJunction (Type Moon Fes.)
Chorus: Tokyo Konsei (original)
Guitar: Koichi Korenaga

Fate/Zero Original Soundtrack Vol.1: Track 6
TYPE-MOON Fes. – 10th Anniversary Blu-ray Disc Box (Days 1 & 2)
FictionJunction 2010-2013 The BEST of Yuki Kajiura LIVE, vol 2: Disc 2, Track 6


klami sori miya…
amarta sortiya…
adolte idama amo…
midete asorta adolti miya…

imente sortiya mada
amida midiya ata
estiya soriya adoro miya domina
astiya sorte miyama
amiya mistioso
ariya sortiya adoro estiya domiya

klami sori miya
amarta sorteya

Transliteration by ninetales

5 responses

  1. Fisho says:

    Yuki´s talent for creating so unbelievably expressive and captivating songs such as this one here is really impressive.
    Just as much fascinating is her ability to link her kajiuran language to this amazing combination of a pop opera.
    I really adore this kind of music.
    “estiya soriya adoro miya domina”
    “ariya sortiya adoro estiya domiya”
    These lines feel like totally the same but listening to the whole, the changes become unsuprisingly important. She´s a perfectionist 😉 — Great Work —

    Thanks for the lyrics Ninetales.

  2. Felys says:

    Can anyone please translate this lyric into English?

  3. Felys says:

    Sorry I search for more info and just know that they are sequence of meaningless words :X

  4. Phantom says:

    Can anyone say is it latin lyrics?

  5. george1234 says:

    No, its kajiurago, Yuki’s made up language, mostly based in italian.

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