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Music: Yuki Kajiura
Lyrics: Yuki Kajiura
Arrangement: Yuki Kajiura
Vocals: Kalafina
Chorus: Yuriko Kaida
Musicians: Korenaga Koichi (E.Guitar), Sato Yoshiaki (Accordion)

Kalafina – Consolation: Track 7
Kalafina -「Live Tour 2013 “Consolation” Special Final」: Track 17
Kalafina – The Best “Blue” Edition: CD Track 6
Kalafina LIVE TOUR 2015~2016 “far on the water” Special FINAL at Tokyo International Forum Hall A Track 18

Kanji Romaji English
nan datte sugu ni konna fuu ni
tokesatteshimau no
yume datte sugu ni tachikiete
waratte sumasu deshou
nokoru mono wa nani
honto no koto
aruitekita michi de
mogitotta nani ka
nodomoto ni
tsukaeta mama no signal

can anything really get instantly
dissolved away in such a way like this?
even if my dreams instantly die out
i will probably laugh it off
what is it that gets left behind?
it’s the truth
something i had picked up
from the way i had came from
is the signal that has kept choking me
I gotta goin’
keep believin’
I gotta goin’
keep believin’

I gotta goin’
keep believin’
kinou nagaraeta
ikari nara
mikomi wa aru no deshou
tongatta neji wo girigiri to
homura wo hanatsu made
yurusanakute ii
jibun no koto
sabitsuita kokoro wo
tarinai kotae to
iradachi wo
sakadatete susumu no
if i was burning with
endless anger yesterday
i should expect it back, right?
i sharpen a key the utmost i can
until it gives off the scent of fire
it doesn’t matter if i
don’t forgive myself
my heart that has rusted away
doesn’t give me enough answers
and i continue to get angry
sora no ao ga
sono mama umi he ochite yuku
ame wo hakobu
kaze no yuku oka he
tooku hikaru
giniro no kumo yobiyosete
sunda koe de utaidasu
the blue color of the sky
falls as it is towards the sea
in the hill, where the wind
that carries rain goes to
far away, theres a shining
silver cloud, which i call out for
and i start to sing
with a worn out voice
[ah ah a-ah

Ito isto iya
Ito ah ah
ito isto iya
(misti sontia)
ah ito iyara
mistia sito

[ah ah a-ah

Ito isto iya
Ito ah ah
ito isto iya
(misti sontia)
ah ito iyara
mistia sito

[ah ah a-ah

Ito isto iya
Ito ah ah
ito isto iya
(misti sontia)
ah ito iyara
mistia sito


itsuka…… someday…
(I gotta goin’
keep believin’)
(I gotta goin’
keep believin’)

(I gotta goin’
keep believin’)
naite hanatareru omoi nara
tebanashite kamawanai
nan to ka ugoku deshou
nokoranakute ii
girigiri de te ni shita hikari kara
nigedashita yoru no
watashi no koto
watashi wa yurusanai wa
if this is how it feels when i cry
it doesn’t matter if i let my feelings escape
if i were to try to tumble down
little by little
i wonder if i will manage to move
it doesn’t matter if nothing remains
in this night where i ran away
from the light i barely held in my hands
i won’t forgive myself

Kanji from booklet, transliteration by keikochan4, translation by nimsaj and yuki.n, kajiurago transcription by Kowz.

14 responses

  1. Anny says:

    The best song on the album in my opinion. It is absolutely beautiful.

  2. Anny says:

    I loved that yuki has introduced new instruments besides the flute and violin. the accordion in this song gives a great touch to the song.

  3. Trollkastel says:

    I believe that the last lyric before itsuka…. is ITAIDASU.

  4. Amphetamine salts says:

    @trollkastel err it’s UTAIDASU it’s right .__.

  5. Trollkastel says:


    Uhh…well when I listen to the song, it sounds like ITAIdesu that Keioko sings. Of course, the translation might work better for UTAIdesu, but unless Kajiura Yuki releases them we can’t know for sure.

    BTW: I like your nickname……(awkward silence…)

  6. Trollkastel says:


    You’re right. I played the song and had my google translate translate the lyrics and the romanization came up as utaidasu. Gotta get my hearing check now….


  7. Kai says:

    So for the line “澄んだ声で歌い出す” the character “澄” means “clear” so I think the translation should be more likely “and i start to sing
    with a CLEAR voice”

    @Amphetamine and @trollkastel
    the characters really does say “utaidasu” but instead of putting them together, they should be more written as “utai dasu”. Utai = pre-masu form of “to sing” and “dasu” = “to put out/produce/publish” and has the same kanji as the word “出る” (deru) which means “to come out”. In any case, if it was “desu” at the end there then there wouldn’t be a kanji (です doesn’t have kanji) and desu is a noun marker, which means the “uta” before it would need to be in noun form, which means it wouldn’t have had the “i” in the “utai”. Aaah, sorry for the explanation, hopefully you guys didn’t mind! But considering I’ve had my fair share of “it SOUNDS like it should be this…why isn’t it???” only to realize later when actually READING the lyric that the kanji/meaning was something completely different than what it sounded like when listening lol.

    for this section:

    should probably be translated as:

    shining far away
    the summoned clouds of silver (or silver clouds)
    with a clear voice, sing out (sang out? my English tenses are awful lol)

    Which probably means that it’s the silver clouds that sang out, not “I”

    <3 love this song! I really hope Joysound would get this (along with Consolation and several others!) so I can go sing this with my friends at ktv~ I got the "ito iso ria" bridge part down so i want my friend to sing keiko's part so i can do the high bridge! XD

  8. Kai says:

    for that matter the “ito iso ria” sounds more likely to be “ito ista ia (or ria)”?

  9. nimsaj says:

    thanks for the correction! i didn’t read “sunda” and just translated it by just hearing it XD

    although, itaidasu means “begin to sing” as most masu stems + dasu means “begin to _”

  10. Athenalevy says:

    I cried when i sung ito iso ria ito ah ah… part, this kajiurago really got into my feeling, i sung it with soprano choir technique yet still crying 😉

  11. mvl says:

    One of the best Kajiura songs ever. It’s truly a masterpiece. Fast and aggressive, but also very moving and beautiful. Vocals are great (special props for Yuriko Kaida). Accordion makes this song even more awesome and unique. Lyrics as always beautiful. Sadly, live version was very disappointing.

  12. Marieeee says:

    Does Yuriko Kaida sang the Kajiurago or only wakana because I heard it’s yuriko kaida?

  13. Marieeee says:

    The Part

    Ito ah ah
    ito isto iya
    (misti sontia)
    ah ito iyara
    mistia sito

  14. george1234 says:

    Yes the kajiurago in the bridge is Yuriko. The ah ah ah ah is Wakana

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