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Music: Yuki Kajiura
Lyrics: Yuki Kajiura
Arrangement: Yuki Kajiura
Chorus: Yuriko Kaida
Violin: Kiyo Kido
Cello: Masami Horisawa

Pandora Hearts OST 1: Track 21


andate mifia

andate constantia
dibera sopenta (dia)
misare madisora
mabia niquita (amadia)

sormitedra mia
soldia scorata
esmateda mia
scorada marmita

andate constantia
dibera sorpenta (mia)
misare mabisora
mabia niquita
so (ati asa)

Transliteration by Kowz

11 responses

  1. CryTears says:

    I’m curious as to what the meaning is in the words? And this is Italian??

  2. Mina says:

    No, I think this is Yuki’s own language she created

  3. Shunbul says:

    i’m also curious about the meaning of the song..
    shouldn’t there be a translation of the lyrics even if it was in her own language?

  4. george1234 says:

    Nope she had said that the language she made doesn’t have a meaning (even though the words reminds you of other languages) XDDD

  5. Tibin says:

    Either way the song is beautiful, makes me think of Greek, Latin and Japanese all at once. <3

  6. Lacie says:

    No translations? doesn’t have a meaning? too bad, i was really curious!
    hehe, makes me think of Latin first, then Italian. LOL once again, too bad!

  7. Tenebrae says:

    it’s actually pretty clever of Yuki in not putting a meaning to her language.
    it means the she wants us to focus on her music and not particularly on the lyrics. he wants us to appreciate it and make our own interpretation of her songs :DD

  8. Hayden Kurosaki says:

    Song is amaaaaazing (what a shock, lol). All of the Pandora Hearts material is really vying to be called “my favorite” but I’m really adamant about not having a favorite from Yuki Kajiura because I have never heard a song from her that I didn’t love.

  9. Kuro Yoichi says:

    That song make me cry n i loved the song coz that song can make me cry for the first time i hear!!

  10. Anira Snow says:

    I got bored and decided that I was going to try and translate this song into english… I’ve used Latin, Italian, Japanese, Korean, and Greek. If I am able to translate it into enflish I will post it for you guys.

  11. Anira Snow says:

    here’s what I have so far…*



    sopenta diberimus (transparent)
    but Cicero

    my Sormitedra
    my esmateda
    Scorodo Marma


    Various branches of the war (Horace)
    Quality: Mazzola
    Nikita Maby

    In the sky

    *But then again, it is google translate… maybe one of you guys might want to have a go…

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