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Lyrics & Song Info » Mizu no Akashi


Music: Yuki Kajiura
Lyrics: Yuki Kajiura
Arrangement: Yuki Kajiura
Vocals: Rie Tanaka (original), FictionJunction WAKANA (Everlasting Songs ver., live)
Piano: Nobuo Kurada (Everlasting Songs ver.)
Cello: Ayano Kasahara (Everlasting songs ver.)
Piano: Yuki Kajiura (live)

Gundam Seed Insert Song: Episode 36
MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM SEED SUIT CD vol.3 LACUS x HARO: Track 1, 4 (Original Karaoke)
THE BRIDGE: Songs from Gundam SEED & SEED DESTINY: CD2, track 6
Rie Tanaka – Chara de Rie: Track 4 (-Acoustic Ver.-)
FictionJunction – Everlasting Songs: Track 9
FictionJunction – Yuki Kajiura LIVE Vol. 4 Part II: Track 9
Akatsuki no Kuruma/ Mizu no Akashi ~ReTracks: Track 2, Track 4 (Original Karaoke)
Rasmus Faber presents “Platina Jazz” Anime Standards Vol.1: Track 5
Rasmus Faber presents “Platina Jazz” – Anime Standards Live At Billboard Live Tokyo: Track 11
「水の証」 “Evidence of Water”

Note: The live performance of this song was a shortened one, with Yuki Kajiura on piano.

Kanji Romaji English
Mizu no naka ni yoru ga yureteru
Kanashii hodo shizuka ni tatazumu
Midorinasu kishibe
Utsukushii yoake wo
Tada matte iraretara
Kirei na kokoro de
The night is wavering in the water
The greening shore is so still and silent
That it is painful*
If only I could wait
For a beautiful dawn
With a pure heart…
Kurai umi to sora no mukou ni
Arasoi no nai basho ga aruno to
Osiete kureta no wa dare
Dare mo ga tadori tsukenai
Soretomo dareka no kokoro no naka ni
Who told me that
There is a land without any conflicts
Beyond the dark seas and skies?
No one can reach that land,
Or perhaps it only exists in someone’s heart
Mizu no nagare wo shizumete
Kureru daichi wo uruosu shirabe
Ima wa doko nimo
Kitto jibun de te ni ireruno
Itsumo, itsuka, kitto
A melody that can quench the thirst
Of the land that calms the waters’ flow
Even if it does not exist
anywhere right now,
I will come to possess it
Always, someday, for sure
Mizu no akashi wo kono te ni
Subete no honoo wo nomikonde nao
Hiroku yasashiku nagareru
Sono shizukesa ni tadoritsuku no
Itsumo, itsuka, kitto
Anata no te wo tori…
Let the token of water be in my hands
Even after engulfing all the flames,
It still continues to flow, gently and broadly
I will reach its tranquility
Always, someday, for sure
With your hand in mine…

Translator’s note:
*The actual word is “sad”, but since that makes the translation very awkward, I decided to stray a bit from the literal interpretation and used “painful” instead.

Kanji from Kasi-time
Romaji and translation from animelyrics

5 responses

  1. il0vesunfl0wers says:

    I love the Rie Tanaka version (non-acoustic) of this song. Maybe I’m biased because it’s the first version I heard (vs. acoustic version sung by Wakana), but really looking back at it, I do prefer Rie’s. It’s just so powerful the way she sings it, not simply because she played Lacus Clyne, the character that sang this for Gundam Seed in the first place, but because as a seiyu, she can voice-act and sing wing conviction. Don’t get me wrong. I love Wakana’s voice and all, but I’d like it even better if she can sing this with emotional punch.

  2. crystalpink says:

    The live version of this song sung by Wakana almost made me cry.

  3. NenaArindrasari says:

    wakana’s voice is really touching

  4. Arthur Marsh says:

    Also on the Gundam Seed compilation double CD “The Bridge”

  5. Titus says:

    Wakana’s voice made me feel so emotional when I heard her sang this (although that was years ago). I just love the way she make her voice sound so sad that she could make the song hers. It’s like she’s shouldering the world’s pain and sadness or something like that. Unlike Rie Tanaka who sounds so happy even if the the song sounds so sad. Hahaha. Just saying.

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