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Lyrics & Song Info » Love is Power


Music: Yuki Kajiura
Lyrics: Aki Kudou
Arrangement: Yuki Kajiura & Kenichi Kimura
Chorus arrangement: Aki Kudou
Vocals: Aki Kudou

Shin Kimagure Orange Road: Soshite Ano Natsu no Hajimari ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK: Track 7


Kiss me I gonna do it all night long. Yes, make love.
and we enjoy to have many stories till sunrise in bed

Now that we have come to know each other
But I fell to be scared sleeping
Cause I’m all along (all along at)
We’ve different dream.
I hope to be together in our dream
Yes, I wanna see same dream with you

This lovin’ I have for you it’s never change
Don’t lose yourself in a world of cares
We have each other and I believe we have the power
I can’t stop this feel
Love is power, Love is power

Our space born by the Big-Bang and in it
We live in a small planet
How do you think of about outside the space
I got it for long while

I just think the outside is burning hard,
but calm of inside make it dark
Make the Big-Bang in your heart take hands
so two of us can keep together
Let’s go into the unknown world
I wanna feel everything happen in that world with you

Go ahead, Believe your power
Yes, you can do it
You can see the big space in front of you
If we lost each other, I just believe to meet again
I must take away of your sadness
Love is power, Love is power

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